5 Best Zombie games for Android 2019

Zombies attacking humans in movies seems scary, and for some it creates a disturbance. However, attacking these zombies can be exciting in a game you can play.

Here are the list of the 5 best zombie games you can play on the Android platform

1. Dead Trigger 2

dead trigger 2

Although the age of this game is quite long, Dead Trigger 2 is still up to date and the game works so well so far.

Games downloaded for more than 100 million users have interesting features such as missions, correct graphics and a pretty good ego mechanics.

You can only choose the main weapon and survive in a world filled with zombies.

2. The dead effect


The Dead effect is a zombie shooting game with nice graphics. Invite players to shoot zombies, monsters and other types of alien creatures.

This game also has a role-playing game RPG that can improve your character and also ability of your characters.

And also the game Dead Effect has an interesting story. They also have improved weapons, high-tech teeth and implantable bodies.

3. In the dead 2

inthedead 2

This new version game invites players to run indefinitely. You must be able to survive as much as possible to avoid dying.

The graphics are good and feature action packed tricks, 60 levels and hundreds of challenges. The growing threat of zombies makes the game very difficult, so it is downloaded by more than 10 million people.

4. Kill the virus

kill the virus

Kill Shot Virus is a new comparative game of zombies. This invites players to shoot and kill zombies with very good graphics, easy gun control and multiplayer content.

The ranking feature allows players to join other victims to kill the zombies together.

5. Last day on earth

last day on the earth

This game invites players to survive as a zombie shooter. You must also build your hiding place, search for weapons and steal objects to survive.

This game is an excellent survival game with extra zombie elements. Unfortunately, this game is only available as a bonus.

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