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The virtual gaming world of every teenager and why not adults also. So what is special about this game and what makes it even special? .Ever came across the game Vector Mod Apk. Yes! Folks, we are talking about Vector here!. 

What is Vector Mod Apk?


Mod Apk means modified android package. A developer may get inspired by the original game or application and they might add extra modifications (ie) their ideas to it. And this modified app or game attracts the original app owner at times and they might bring new updates by being inspired by the developer’s idea. “It is all about, exchange of ideas” 

Vector Vector is a video game. The game story is not so big. It begins like this. A silhouette of a man casts his mind-controlled device and his shirt and leaps from prison from a skyscraper, sprinting across the rooftops. The game is designed in a way that the player learns from failure and finds the best way to win the game. In this game, you will be a free player, who wouldn’t be held down by the system. The game was originally developed and published by the company Nekki. It is also a single-player video game. It runs on various platforms like android, ios, Gamestick, Microsoft windows. Already two versions of the game have been released and people are wondering whether a third version will be released.Nekki let out a video featuring Vector 3. But some developers take a keen interest in developing the fantastic game in their own style and let out Vector MOD Apk , hoping the company would get inspired by the works of these developers. 

Vector MOD APK

It is the same vector game but it is modified by some developers who found the original vector game interesting. The game is actually very interesting. It is also an arcade game just like the original version. The game is inspired by free running. A silhouette is a character here, just like the original game. All the character wants is freedom and he runs, climbs and jumps to escape another silhouette who comes chasing behind him. The game is so addicting and it motivates the people to keep playing so that the character in the game would attain freedom. After all, Freedom is what everyone is looking for, even the character in the game. 

Best Features of the Vector Game

Free Running skill

The free-running or arcade, mode of the character in the game was inspired by Ninja style and so is the silhouette idea. 

Challenging Levels

The game comes with challenging levels. Each level has its own challenges. The gamer will be motivated to crack more challenges in the game. It enhances critical thinking and problem-solving skill of an individual. The gamer will know how to crack each challenge at each level as he continues playing the game. The gamer will develop a more reasoning and logical mind set as he continues cracking each level of the game. 

Easy Controls

The game also has easy controls. It is easy for any age of people to play. The controls become really quick to learn as the game itself is interesting. It is just an arcade game which impacts thousands of people to play it. Because of the extraordinary idea of the silhouette and the running, the game has attracted thousands of onlookers and made it to the market. 

Download Vector Full version MOD APK

Download Vector MOD APK

The Final Verdict

The Psychology behind the Hot Pursuit

The game works on the fact that the character in the game should attain Freedom. For freedom he does anything. He may jump, climb and run to get freedom from the person who is chasing him. It is natural for anyone to keep running if anyone who looks mysterious is chasing us. It is based on the real-life psychology, that people tend to run away from danger and so does this character in the game. The character does anything to stay away from danger and so will the real-life humans. As humans, we get attracted to anything which is similar to ours. The game convinces the player that the situation of the character was similar to theirs and it makes the player accept the character’s situation as theirs. It makes the player get more attracted and addicted to the game. Everyone likes being fast, who else doesn’t.? Everyone wants to be run fast and do their works at a fast speed. The game also has that feature. As the game is so simple and easy, people tend to play the game. 

Psychology behind silhouette

Everyone likes to be mysterious. Humans hold a variety of emotions such as curiosity and the ability to find the reason behind everything. This game makes the character featureless so that the players will have the same curiosity till the end of the game. There is no doubt that a game with so many psychologies behind it makes it to the market. And this modified package which has developed yet more ideas and creation finds a good market. 

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