Carrom Pool MOD Apk 2022 v5.2.3 Download (Unlimited Coins, Gems) Premium Pass

Carrom Pool Mod refers to modified application. Android being an open source platform, developers are able to download the apk files and analyse the code in order to modify it and suit their needs. Be it a disadvantage for companies, but for users it is an awesome way to enjoy premium services for free. With mod you can add your own features to an existing application, thereby inventing something more useful. Or you may modify some existing bud in order to make the application more stable and reliable. Carrom pool mod apk ytricks also has mod version.

Although using a mod application might be illegal some times but the license is what allows users to enjoy these services legitimately. There are some application that are labelled for reuse with little modification. Using this, we can modify the existing code, to gain full control over the application. 

Carrom Poll Mod Introduction

In this article, I provide you the mod version of the famous Carrom simulator application, that goes by the name of Carrom Pool. This mod version, is again created by modifying the code of existing application. Being a real time online game that offers in-app purchases, mod version might be illegal in some areas.

play carrom pool with your friends in this quarantine

Carrom Pool


An easy to use multiplayer game that is developed by the leading online gaming company – The official game is freely available on the Google Play store; however, you can also download an apk file from the internet, or play online on miniclip’s website. 

The real time multiplayer game works online by matching any random players. There are two modes among which users can choose from. These are Carrom and Disc Pool. The game allows pairing with other devices, so that you can play with your friends simultaneously on your individual devices. Make friends using their chat system and play with top players. Each day you log in, they provide you with a daily free golden lucky shot that can fetch you grand prizes.

There are several maps available to encourage the enthusiasm of players. The developers claim about the smooth interface and realistic physics. As a reward system they have several types of strikers and pucks. Custom strikers can also be built. Each striker is supported with some special skill and tone, so as to motivate players to play more and more.

Features of Carrom Pool v5.2.3 2022 MOD Apk

TitleCarrom Pool

This mod is contributed by third party societies. The mod provides you with free unlimited coins and gems. All the paid features like the strikers and pucks are unlocked by default. You can use the premium features for free after installing this apk. The mod apk has exactly similar interface as the original application. The apk supports same music and same scenes. You are provided with all the boards and background skins. Another thing to not to forget is that the mod apk is ad free, so no interruption while you play. There are unlocked arenas, extended striker lines, and all the premium features for free. The apk supports 40-50 fps of graphics so you can expect fast and smooth gameplay without any lag.


They provide free victory chests that contains exciting rewards. Not only online, the game can also be played offline, that is without internet where you can practise and play locally with friends. The popularity and fondness of this game can be judged by the elegant interface that this game provides. The game has received an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 on The Google Play Store. Also, it is worth noting that this 31 MB application has claimed more than 50 M installs. 

Carrom pool MOD apk 2022 unlimited coins and gems

Developed by miniclip games, carrom pool is one of the best games to play. Simple and smooth interface with exciting gameplay, has made this game extremely popular. The exciting rewards and chests, addict players to play more and more. It is said to see that, miniclip has kept in app purchases and that to too high. The in-app purchases ranges from ₹49 to ₹500. This brings us to a find a mod version of this amazing application. 

Carrom pool mod is the mod version of the official Carrom Pool application available on the Google Play stores. The link to download this apk is provided below:

Download Carrom Pool MOD APK

Download Carrom Pool Original Apk

The apk file measures around 50 MB, also it Android version 4 or more is recommended. 

The mod apk can be installed by following a simple procedure that is mentioned below:

  • Download the apk file from the mentioned links.
  • After successful downloading, try installing the app by simply clicking it.
  • In case you are installing an apk for the first time on your device, you will be prompted by a security message.
  • Exit the installation process and head over to system settings of your device. 
  • Find the install from “Unknown sources” option and enable it.

unknown sources

  • You have bypassed the security services of your device. No need to worry, all the apk files have been hosted on secured servers.
  • Finally find the downloaded apk file and try installing it again. 
  • Hopefully no more prompts now, and you can complete the set-up successfully. 
  • Congratulations! You have successfully installed the mod application to your device and you are ready to play Carrom Pool and win exciting rewards. 

User Reviews

Good game really i have never i never play carrom but after downloading the game it seems good and i liked to play carrom board after long time when i download these game it’s an amazing game compared with other games ,usually when i download another games in carrom it is difficult to play and mobile will lag but don’t have any problems with these game.

I want to make a request to you in Miniclip, please think on this: We have downloaded your carrom game by more people. We have 3 Month Old carrom Pass. We want you to update those old carrom Pass in the game so that we can also buy it. You can give all those frames and avatar emoji in one line, we will buy between 500 and 700, give them all together. You will also benefit from this and we will also enjoy playing, hope you will understand our words. Thank you so much MINICLIP

Wow I like this game this game is very interesting game name carrom pool i like his features, lucky short etc but 1 star I am not given because one bad thing in carrom pool ads are very bed thing in carrom pool because when i play one match in carrom pool ads come i don’t likes ads and no option to end ads in carrom pool very bad😔😔

It is a good game just that after every match an ad pop up and that annoy me everytime over all it is a very nice game to play alone or when bored please fix that ad issue then I will surely give it 5 stars

All things are well and good. Graphics, physics and orientation are superb. But one of the shortcomings of the game is that you can not play with your friends in higher levels like Dubai Skybar, Karachi Arena, New York Square and Singapore Plaza. Please add this feature to the game, so that we can enjoy the game even more by easily donating coins and diomond to our friends.

Has the best UI out of all the Carrom apps, something I’ve noticed with Miniclip games is that they always have the better UI compaired to similar apps, and just a small bag of Gems to go no Adds which is cool, dont understand why i would want to give another opponent some coins, what’s that all about??, thanks Dev

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So, this was the article regarding Carom pool mod apk, an awesome application developed by miniclip. The application has an outstanding rating on Google Play store and is quite popular. The mod apk provides all premium benefits for free. The mod apk is modified version of the official application and its use might be illegal in some areas.

Hope this article was informative for you. 

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