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Are you looking for GTA 5 MOD Apk download with OBB Data? In that case you are in right place, Before we dive into GTA 5 mod APK let’s discuus about what Grand Theft Auto 5 is!

Grand Theft Auto or as everyone calls it, GTA, is a game that most of us have played as kids and maybe play it even now. All the way from Grand Theft Auto 1 that released in 1997 to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City that released in 2002 to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that released in 2004 to the latest increment of the game, Grand Theft Auto V. These are just a few of the sequels from a total of 14 different versions!

grand theft auto 5 mod apk
Grand Theft Auto V

GTA started off as a very simple game. It was like a baby compared to where it has reached now. The game contained basic game features like, running, walking, driving and the most vital feature that laid the foundation for GTA, free roaming. Ever since then, Rockstar games have added a ton of amazing features to the game that helped Grand Theft Auto rise and secure the throne as one of the biggest game franchises in the entire gaming industry.  Along with the additional features, the graphics were improved upon by a mile.

Grand theft auto 5 mod apk 3
Grand Theft Auto V

GTA 5 Gameplay

GTA V Mod APK Features

TitleGrand Theft Auto V ( GTA 5 )
Size443 MB

GTA has a vast range of imposing features that attracted gamers and converted them to loyal fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise.


GTA 5 Map
Grand Theft Auto V Map

First of all, each game is based on cities in real life; GTA Vice City was based on Miami, GTA Liberty City was based on New York City, GTA San Andreas was based on San Diego and the latest game, GTA V takes place in Los Santos which is based on Los Angeles. Mixing the elements of the real and virtual world is quite a smart thing that Rockstar games did. GTA gives players an overview of the map. They can mark points of interest, look for missions to complete in-game and can help players explore the huge city.


gta 5 characters
Grand Theft Auto V Characters

The game contains 3 protagonists, which has never been done before. They are Franklin, Patrick and Michael. Each character has their own unique story mode and a unique skillset. Players can switch between characters at point during the game. What makes it even cooler is that, each protagonist’s story blend together at some point during the game. Unlike its predecessors, GTA V’s storyline is pretty complex and well thought out. The game is a rollercoaster of emotions and will definitely take a player on a ride.

Radio Channels

gta 5 radio
Grand Theft Auto V Radio

This feature might not be relevant to many players, but this has always been part of the Grand Theft Auto franchise; the wide variety of radio stations. If you are not in the mood to play the game seriously you just want to relax and drive around city, this feature is a win. You can drive in your expensive hot rod that you might have stolen from an NPC (Non-Player Character) while listening to classic tunes. The radio stations in-game are very entertaining and there is music available to the player from many genres of music. It gives depth to the game.


gta 5 activities
Grand Theft Auto V Activities

Other than committing crimes there are other peaceful things you can do within the game. Rockstar games has given the ability to play minigames like gold, cycling uphill, playing tennis, flying a blimp and enjoying the beautiful skyline, getting an adrenaline rush by parachuting, a quick game of darts, finding your inner peace by doing yoga and many other activities! Other than the minigames, GTA V even has fun Easter Eggs. I won’t reveal too much but you can find an alien corpse in game. Crazy right?

Aircrafts / Vehicles / Weapons

Grand Theft Auto V Weapons
Grand Theft Auto V Weapons

What is GTA without the vehicles, the weapons and the aircrafts? Like the previous games, GTA V contains all that but this time players have a huge selection of vehicles, weapons and aircrafts to pick from. All the way from simple aircrafts to badass and monster like aircrafts. Same applies to the vehicles. The weapons are also quite ruthless in this game.


gta 5 multiplayer
Grand Theft Auto V Multiplayer

This is that last thing I’m going to talk about because Grand Theft Auto is a very vast and versatile game, and this is probably the most the fun feature included in the game; that is multiplayer. Multiplayer always makes a game better. A little competition is always needed. But in GTA V multiplayer mode isn’t a simple competitive mode, it is absolutely chaotic. But chaotic in a fun way. There is always so much happening within a multiplayer games server. There are aircrafts crashing to your left and right, a group of players completing a mission, players trying to murder each other like psychos and so much more. It is genuinely quite entertaining.

As you can see, GTA V is an insane game with so much going on but still is fun for everybody. This game was developed to work on PCs and consoles. But what if I told you there are people in the community that have modified it and made the game available for it to run on android phones? Yes, it’s true.

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Steps to Download GTA V Mod APK with Download Link

  • Click download and wait for GTA V Mod.apk to download.

GTA 5 Mod APK File Download

  • Click download and wait for GTA V Mod cache file to download.

GTA 5 Mod OBB Data Download

  • This downloaded file can be saved on either your phone’s memory or your SD card.
  • Install the APK file in your device by allowing Unknown Application Permission first.
  • Once your past these steps, you need to extract the cache file and add to the directory mentioned: SDCARD/internal storage/data/OBB


After following the steps correctly, you can now enjoy playing GTA V. Roam the mean city of Los Santos, commit crimes, complete missions and try to become the ultimate gangster.



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