10 Games like Raid shadow legends 2023

There are many reasons everyone plays in the raid shadow legends. It’s a good game with a great amazing frame and a realistic aesthetic. Raid Shadow Legends is a great mobile Gachastle role-playing game. All about games, graphics in history, just shout quality and game version can also be very addictive.

 The game allows players to fight in a great real-world full of championships. Sixteen levels are available and everyone has unique attributes. We hope that our Lead RAID Guide provides some tips and tricks so you can manage your smart resources and build a mighty party.

Some of the best alternatives to Raid Shadow Legends 

 If you like playing this game and you are looking for similar games like Raid shadow legends then this article is for you. Just check this out. And choose your favourite. 

1. Exos Heroes

Exos Heroes

 Exos Heroes role-playing Gacha like Raid Shadow Legends, free play on mobile devices. Become a captain of an old spacecraft and go find the former emperor. You must explore the most outgoing and dangerous angles of the card, facing many hostile creatures, just waiting to eat live.


2. Black Desert mobile

Black desert mobile

Black Desert Mobile is undoubtedly one of the best – if not the best – mobile MMORPG right now. While it’s a far cry from the impressive PC and PlayStation 4 versions, it looks great for a mobile game thanks to its outstanding presentation and graphic elements.


3. Sommodiers War

Sommodiers War

 Sommodiers war is an Action-Packed Fantasy role-playing game with over 100 million software from around the world. The battle is filmed and attacked by selecting 3 skills. If you are fast, you can act continuously. Collect as many monsters as possible and assemble the largest team to cross the boss.


4. Monster Team

Monster team

Monster Team royal video game and unique game for iOS. The game brings an interesting story to RPG lovers and places into the role of the main character. According to the In the story, the main character was stable to find his father disappeared. The main character’s ship was crashed and landed on an exotic island filled with monsters.


5. Vikings


 The State War is a city management strategy game where players have the role of Jarl of their city leaders in a North country. Players need to build farms and mines to produce resources and improve their town hall to develop new technologies.


6. Battle heart

Battle heart

 Battleheart is an Addictive, Role-playing and Single-player video game created and published by Mika Mobile for Android and iOS. The game takes place in a fantasy world and allows you to create a unique team of heroes, each with specific abilities, and lead them in battle against vicious monsters. There are different levels and you need to complete certain tasks to complete each level. This one is a good alternative for Raid Shadow Legends.


7. Leo system of Runeterra

Leo system of Runeterra

 After all, these types of games contain their unique game mechanics, and their lingo, and have an extremely steep learning curve. Riot Games’ Legend of Runeterra has all these qualities but is still accessible and easy to learn, and poses a lot of challenges and forces players to make smart plays to achieve victory.


8. Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises

 In this beautifully crafted game, players become one of the earth’s greatest heroes as they set out to repel the darkness. This act of selflessness is the beginning of an adventure that sees the player take on a multitude of enemies, take control of powerful creatures and turn them against his allies, as well as make his way to the heart. of the enemy to prevent them from following their tracks.


9. Nun Attack

Nun attack

 It is an Adventure, Strategy and Single-player video game created by Frima Studio Inc. for iOS, Windows Mobile and Android. It has an interesting history in which power-hungry beings have taken control of the mortal world and threatened its peoplee.


10. AFK Arena

afk arena

AFK Arena is an Adventure, Role-playing and Online Multiplayer video game developed and published by Lilith Games. The story revolves around a group of youkai that attack Esperia and kill humans to gain control. Each hero can be equipped with equipment to make them stronger and more effective in battle; Use different weapons and armor to bring out the full potential of each warrior!



Shadow Legends is an exciting and complex experience. It’s important to work with your fellow adventurers to discuss the necessary strategies, identify your favourite factions, and ultimately make friends. You can use the in-game chat, join the Star Clan or contact other players on our official Discord. RAID Shadow Legends is a dynamic action game with RPG elements where you will take part in crazy events, difficult challenges and impending dangers on your way to a goal. So we think you liked the list of similar games like Raid shadow legends. 

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