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Raid Shadow Legend is a fantasy-based role-playing game. The game was developed by Plarium Games. The game also follows the Gacha mechanism (capsule_toy wending machine mechanism), where players will be allowed to use virtual currency. The game has a realistic approach and also a western art style.

It also has extensive development system and allows the players to experience a fictional reality which is way beyond the player’s game experience and expectations. It has 12 levels and each level is challenge-driven. The modified Android package of Raid Shadow Legends is Raid Shadow Legends Mod Apk. The game has awesome features in addition to the original game.

The Game Story

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Teleria is a fictional fantasy world which was under the rule of the Dark Lord, Siroth. (The game was developed by an Israeli company, so the names of each character in the game will be unique).The Dark Lord, Siroth is the villain here. To stop the Dark Lord, our hero, a Telerian warrior rises to defeat him and restore the peace and harmony of Teleria. Here, the player takes the role of the Telerian warrior. Being the warrior, the player must assemble an army for battle in the form of castles, dungeons, deserts which will be defended by the enemy tribe. The game gives a very realistic atmosphere for the player to take up the role of the Warrior. The player is also allowed to pick up Shards, vessels etc on the ground. These weapons and things belong to the warriors and allies who had been defeat. The player will come across elves, pixies and more. A lot of adventure is waiting for the player including dungeon runs and Arena battles.

Highlights of the Game

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  • Unlock special equipment.
  • Build a strong team of knights, elves, Sorcerers to defeat the enemies.
  • Explore the 13 stunning locations in Telleria.
  • Collect many warriors from 16 Factions.
  • Train your champions to defeat the enemies.
  • Come up with fresh plots and strategies to defeat the opponents.
  • Slay dragons and experience a fantasy-filled environment.
  • Play the role of the leader of hundreds of warriors.
  • Recruit legendary warriors of forces of light and darkness.
  • Save the world of Teleria.

Features of RainShadow Legends

  • Advanced Graphics.
  • High Quality.
  • Can be downloaded from Google Play.
  • Added VFX.
  • Extremely safe.
  • Free unlimited diamonds.
  • Free Coupon codes.
  • Free game but premium version costs.
  • Autoplay is available.
  • Autoupdate is available.
  • Adaptable with all Android versions.
  • The game can run for a long period of time.
  • Improved Tournament UI.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Various skills and buffer issues are fixed.
  • Increased movement speed of the fictional character by 8 percentage using enchant speed.
  • PVP Arena.

Download Rain Shadow Legends

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Languages Available

English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Japanese, Portuguese.

The Final Verdict

Fictional Reality

The game has a very interesting story and extra_ordinary graphics which keeps the players engaged. Each character in the game is a perfectly sketched three-dimensional animation which imitates a real warrior. The player is given charge of a large number of warriors and is asked to train them. This interesting task captivates the player’s minds and the player tends to play the game for a longer period of time. The player will experience a world full of fantasy, where they are allowed to explore the beautiful environment developed in the game, by the developers.

The game has a very interesting story and extraordinary graphics which gives a fictional reality environment”

Challenging levels

The game also has challenging levels, which keeps the players interested. Each challenge in the game is interesting and engaging. Each level is designed with unique characteristics and the player is promoted to the next levels after each level is completed. The player will get an amazing experience by solving each level’s quest and will develop a curiosity to know what happens in the next levels. The curiosity may have the player engaged for a while.

The Game Plan

In the game, the player is asked to build a team with the help of the fictional characters introduced in the game. The player has to decide how to arrange the warriors and what to order, each warrior in the game. This improves the decision-making skills of the player. The player will also develop a good problem-solving skill as he/she needs to solve the problem of defeating the enemy and saving the country from the enemies.

The lit story

The game story is quaint but in a good way. Everyone likes to believe the thing’s which are impossible to exist. The Eleves, Socerers and all those characters are fictions. Fictions convince the readers that all those exist in real-world while they wouldn’t. The game allows the players to believe in the impossible and gives a strong delusion to the players.

There is no doubt that such a good game with mind-blowing features, awesome story and remarkable graphics will find a good market in this technology-driven world”

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