Raid Shadow Legends Masteries-An easy to follow Guide 2020

The masteries accessible in Raid: Shadow Legends are explicit focal points to specific heroes. They are moderately simple to acquire and are accessible to all players. In this small new guide, we will look at how they work, what are the conditions to get them and what are the best authorities to possess.

What are masteries used for?

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In RAID: Shadow Legends, masteries are used to develop the overall skills of the champions, in addition to the glyphs available in the game. This will allow you to become stronger and to succeed in your missions and hit everything in the arena fields.

There are main three columns and each was containing a 22 points of masteries :

  • attack : 22 points masteries available 
  • defence: 22 points masteries available
  • support: 22 points masteries available

As referenced, the masteries dance RAID: Shadow Legends Points are one of a kind to each advocate. Indeed, you can just pick two of the three segments for your hero. 

This implies you should contemplate the utilization of your boss before choosing one’s masteries that may not be reasonable for their job. 

A champion can get 100 typical scrolls, 600 propelled scrolls and 950 heavenly scrolls. This may appear to be a ton, yet it is important to have a high number of looks considering the expense of the looks to be utilized:

  • level 1 : 5 scrolls ;
  • level 2 : 30 scrolls ;
  • level 3 : 80 advanced scrolls ;
  • level 4 : 120 advanced scrolls ;
  • level 5 : 200 divine scrolls ;
  • level 6: 350 divine scrolls.

How to get the scrolls of mastery in RAID: Shadow Legends?

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The scrolls required for the points of mysteries at the Minotaur Labyrinth can be obtained from the different levels:

  • steps 1 to 5: it is possible to obtain normal scrolls 
  • step 6 to 10: it is possible to obtain advanced and normal scrolls 
  • step 11 to 15: it is possible to obtain all the scrolls from the previous steps as well as divine scrolls.

Note that you don’t pick the champion who will get scrolls. They are given arbitrarily toward the finish of each battle, which infers farming intensely.

Which are the masteries most useful?

The ones that will bring the most outcomes are the most recent authorities accessible. Their useful impacts are a lot more noteworthy than those of the initial four levels. Yet, on the last levels, there are a few focuses that are more grounded than others, for example, “giant killer” and “War master”.

Giant killer: Has a 30% chance to inflict additional damage during an attack. Damage is equivalent to 7.5% of a targeted champion’s max health and 3% of a boss’s max health.

Warlord Attack Damage: Has a 60% chance to deal additional damage in an attack. The additional damage is 10% of the max VP on a champion and 4% of the max VP on a boss.


I hope that I have given a good and clear guide for you. If you have any doubts leave a comment below.

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