10 games like AFK Arena 2022

AFK Arena is a role-playing game set in the fantasy and excellent game.Its a land where four major factions have been at war with each other since time immemorial. The game system in AFK Arena is very simple and interest.

The first thing you do is place your heroes in a strategic formation. Typically, you’ll want warriors on the front lines of battle so they absorb enemy attacks, with archers and mages on the second line. Games similar to AFK Arena are engaging role-playing games where you put a character (or characters) in and evolve quickly and easily to fight more difficult encounters.

Similar games to AFK Arena

There are so many games like AFK Arena for Android and iOS phone. We have done all the efforts for you. Here we listed best 10 games like AFK Arena. Choose your favourite one:

Here we go:

1. Another Eden

 Another Eden is an RPG that begins by taking part in a journey through time and space and in which we must save our lost future. Thus we enter a game with a very manga style, full of colors and with beautifully drawn characters. Another Eden is a good alternative for AFK Arena and its very simple game.


2. Epic Seven

 Next game that similar to AFK Arena is Epic Seven .Epic Seven is a mobile JRPG that takes the best elements of their respective forks and combines them to create a truly fun and exciting experience. Through 2D cutscenes. As every detail is revealed, you’ll dive deeper into the story.


3. I Am hero

 I Am Hero features unique gameplay with a combination of idle RPG elements with auto-battle team tactics. This AFK game allows us to build a strong team to fight automatically on your behalf. All you have to do is collect and upgrade dozens of legendary heroes of different races and classes.


4. Taptap Hero

 The game is really relaxed and offers both idle and active gameplay, so it’s easy to switch if you have a lot of free time and very little. You can also develop your heroes, the scenario is quite simple. All you have to do is search for the saint through quests and fight Freya, the villain who stole the sword and intends to take over the world.


5. Dynasty Hero

 It is an inactive game that looks like ARENA AFK. It has 4.6 stars and has been downloaded more than 50,000 times. It has 9 thousand criticisms, making it cool enough for an rpg.Dynasty Heroes game is a beautiful tactical RPG mobile game that gives you the romantic adventures of Samkok. To rewrite Samkok’s history, you must explore and recruit hundreds of heroes from different kingdoms.


6. Dark Hero

 Heroes do not work as a role-playing game where you have to operate a group of heroes that have to deal with the dark armies in the ancient rubble. Test your strategic skills and upgrade your character’s abilities to become the strongest team. You will start the game with a single character, which will need to be given some items to help him grow and become stronger.


7. Dragalia lost

 Dragalia Lost is a best alternative for AFK Arena. And role-playing game developed by Cygames and Nintendo for mobile platforms. The game takes us to Alberia, a kingdom where dragons rule all nature and the royal family has the ability to change their appearance.


8. Mobile Legends Adventure

 Mobile legends Adventure has been out for a while and has become a pretty successful game in its own right. It features dynamic combat like AFK Arena, along with high-quality artwork and animations. In this adventure, your characters will automatically attack and you increase their movement speed to face any opponent without having to touch your smartphone.

 One of the great things about Mobile Legends: Adventure is that you can earn resources without being active. In addition, you can get all kinds of perks while resting or even completely closing the game and then reaping your rewards.


9. Dislyte

 This game is being developed by Lilith herself and they are probably hoping it will be the next big hit. It has all the usual elements of idle games, but its theme is uniquely pop music. The art and animation is top notch and the music is amazing. For now, however, it’s very raw and doesn’t offer anything new.


10. Destiny child

 Destiny Child is a game with multiple systems, both in combat and out of combat that directly and indirectly affects your performance in each battle, as well as your enjoyment of each match. The most unique thing is that you will dive into a world where the lines between fantasy and reality are blurred, blending equally between magic, adventure and the gloom of everyday life.



 Since the game was so successful, it introduced many new players to the idle genre. We have been listed all the best games like AFK Arena for you to try. We’ll be updating this list regularly and adding more games as we find them. Hope you like this and got similar games like AFK Arena.

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