Grand Theft Auto 3 Mod APK

Grand Theft Auto 3 was designed by DMA Design and published by Rock Star Games. The game falls fifth in line to the Grand Theft Auto series.DMA Design even considered developing the game into a 3D version. The game was released as a Playstation game at first. Later it was released for Microsoft Windows and also the Xbox. The game became the best selling video game of 2001. It had been sold over 14.5 million copies. Grand Theft Auto Mod apk is a modified version of Grand Theft Auto, some of the hackers who found the game interesting developed it into a more interesting one. Downloading Pubg Mod Apk is an illegal job. We do not recommend you to do this. 

Where do you get this game? 

  • This game can be will have to be purchased on google pay for a rupees of 121. 
  • Try downloading the game for free on these websites: 

GTA 3 MOD APK Features


High Graphic Resolution The game can be used in touch screen employed computers also. Real, immersing and more appealing features by using Haptic Technology. Exclusively new video display settings. GamePad support for USB controllers. The game can be used in a variety of different devices. Open World design. The story and the characters are more lively and entertaining. Sound Graphics is really good. 

Languages supported

English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Urdu and many more. 

The Game Story

While robbing a bank in Liberty City, a criminal named Claude is shot. Not only shot, to his worse nightmare, he was also betrayed by his girlfriend, Catalina (Cynthia Farrel) who makes her way out with an unarmed Columbian Gangster. In the positive side, Claude survives the shot. To the negative side, Claude was sentenced to ten-year imprisonment. Claude and another prisoner(8_ball) make their way out of the prison when some of the 

Colombian men attack the police, in order to save an elderly Asian man.8_ball introduces Claude to the Leone Mafia crime family. Claude fights the Colombian men and Catalina, during his work with the family. Catalina and the other men were on a mission to distribute a drug called SPANK.SPANK is a new street drug. Once his mission on destroying the Colombian ship with Claude’s help, Leone attempts to kill Claude. But that didn’t happen because Leone’s wife held a liking towards Claude. After a fight with her husband Leone, she revealed to him that she has an affair with Claude. She flees to Portland with her friend Asuka Kasen. Claude begins to work indirectly under Azuka through Yakuza, who has an association with Leone’s members. 

Claude’s work there makes him associate himself with a corrupt police detective , Ray Machowski who happened to be an enemy of the Colombian men. Claude also associates himself with Donald Love, who has a high media front. He and Claude stage Akusa’s brother , Kenji Kesan’s death in order to create a conflict between Yakuza and the Colombian men.So that the Colombian men will fall into the blame game and with the belief that Yazuka will lower the real estate prices. On a mission to save an elderly man requested by Love, Claude happens to confront Catalina. The fight between the Colombian Drug gang was intensified. At that time, Asuka and Maria came to know about Claude’s relationship with Catalina. 

The Colombians kidnap Maria and murder Asuka as well as one of their disloyal member, Miguel. They demanded a ransom of 500,000 dollars so that they may release Maria. Catalina tried to kill Claude, while he was trying to confront her during a firefight. Claude finally, with no chance left kills Catalina and rescues Maria. Maria complains to Claude about her desperate state as a victim of a kidnapper and credits him for saving her life. Our game begins as a gunshot is heard and Maria’s voice gets silenced. 

Download GTA 3 MOD APK

The Final Verdict


This game certainly is an action cum adventure game. Who doesn’t like Adventures?. This game really blows up some minds. This game is played in a third-person perspective. This is a mission-based game. Some mission might even include the player waiting some time for further instruction by the computer. 


The game has an interesting story and also every mission ends with suspense. Suspense is what keeps the players addicted. Some missions, even come with an irony end, which makes the players even more addicted. The story is skillfully designed to keep the players engaged. 


The player is free to do anything in the game. The player is free to snatch purses, snatch vehicles. Free to run, climb, jump and freedom even to fight and kill a 

person.Freedom to ride anywhere. It also provides the freedom to explore the places designed in the game. But Guys, your Freedom is turned into an agent of entertainment, for the developers to keep you more engaged. Keeping that in mind, please play the game. 

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