How to download Showbox on PS4 2022?

PS4 definitely does not need any introduction and almost we all know what is PS4. For those who do not know about PS4, this article would definitely help you to understand this amazing technology which has brought revolution in the gaming industry. It is possible that you would be motivated to purchase a PS4 after reading this article. So it is advised if you want to live a life of gamer you should definitely have a PS4. So let’s start. PS4 stands for PlayStation version 4.

PlayStation are specially designed console used for playing amazing video game which could be HD quality offline or online game on the big screen like television, monitor etc. The main feature which I like about this PlayStation is that you could enjoy every single bit of game completely with your family members. Yes, you had it correct you can enjoy this as it supports multi-user console for better interaction.

ShowBox on PS4


PlayStation is developed by sony interactive entertainment and was basically develop for Gamers. PS3 and PS4 can even be connected to the internet. So as it could be connected to the internet you could even stream high-quality videos, music and obviously online games on this gaming console. Therefore PS4 is used as a multi-purpose device. This could be done through different attachment called Showbox. Show box is a very famous platform in which you can stream online videos, music, etc which was generally used on Mac, PC and Amazon fire stick. But now it is possible to use Showbox on PS4. So let’s see how Showbox can be downloaded on PS4.

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 A Quick Procedure to Download Show box on PS4

  1. Before attempting anything make sure you have software and hardware compatible with the Showbox to make this task successful. Make sure your smart TV and PS4 are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Connecting to the same Wi-Fi network make it easier to establish connectivity between the devices.
  2. Once you have completed connecting your PS4 and smart TV with the same Wi-Fi network, connect them physically with an HDMI cable so as to start the transfer of data.
  3. In the next step, download the Showbox application from a reputed website that you could trust. There are many different websites which produce application which could harm your device. So it would be advised to download this application from a trusted official website.
  4. Once the downloading finishes, go to the settings and enables unknown sources in the security option. This option is generally used for or security of the device but you can switch it off as Showbox application is been downloaded from a trusted official website.
  5. Once the application is been installed, open it to check whether it is working or not. If you could easily scroll down the application and see various images without any problem, then that application is been installed properly. Now if you want to watch a movie, click on any movie. Now there would be two options which would be provided by the Showbox and you could choose any one of them.
  6. This option is to watch online or to watch afterward after downloading the movie. If you choose to download the movie, remember to choose the resolution of movie so that you can enjoy this particular item on the big screen without any decrease in the quality of the material.
  7. Once you are done with choosing the resolution of the material, go to the settings option. select the PS4 device console which is been connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  8. That’s all by doing these steps you would definitely be able to enjoy the latest movies music and videos over your same PS4 console which was used to earlier play amazing quality high definition game. These technologies are growing over time and are fascinating. Thus helping in the growth of the ecosystem and society around us.

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Some of the main advantages of this method are:

  • This is not a complex method. Very easy to install and download the application.
  • As this is not software which needs to be provided externally it becomes easier and also cost-efficient.
  • You can directly enjoy high quality or high definition videos movies, music, high graphic games, and the best part gaming console directly on the same device.
  • The screen of viewing is bigger than any other and Android device like smartphone, laptops, tablets etc.
  • Therefore it gives a better experience of this different kind of source of entertainment.
  • This also reduces the risk of major health issues like human eye-related problems and hearing problem as the screen is big and the resolution of the movie or video is much better.
  • It is also advised that you bi a home theatre to get an all-round theatre-like experience at your home.

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