How to Watch UFC PPV on Firestick?

These are some of the greatest video services you could get currently is the Amazon Firestick / Fire TV. That’s also mainly attributed to the fact that the famous systems are centred around an Android fork, which has the most OS applications. Buying the PPV is the very first phase of seeing UFC 249 on one’s Firestick. You have a few common choices while you’re doing it, based on if you currently have an ESPN+ membership.

Amazon unveiled the new Fire TV Stick 4k with Alexa Voice Remote in October 2018. The Firestick is a reasonably priced choice for those looking to broaden their streaming content for $49.99. It is an improvement from the existing Firestick variant which had no 4k streaming capabilities. This latest gadget also arrives with an integrated power and volume control remote.

If you are looking for a way to watch UFC PPV on Firestick for free, you should stream UFC live for free through the application. Nothing to worry! We’ll provide you with the requisite guidelines that we’ll include in this article.

Stream UFC on Amazon Firestick {Free}

First off, you will need a VPN. VPN (aka Virtual Private Network) is a convenient device you will need if you want to watch videos digitally. VPNs rely on anonymity, as the title indicates. Nevertheless, they still do plenty more. Most importantly, data is encrypted (of your computer) and then the VPN safely tunnels it to a database of your choosing, only within VPN connection.

Disclaimer: We do not promote the use of VPN. We don’t always promote the use of unauthorized material, and the material given in this article is primarily explanatory. Use VPN at your own risk.



Kodi is the greatest coordinator of home entertainment and the hub of video content. The interface allows you to stream everything from movies, TV shows, live Television, sports content etc. Users could also get unrestricted live or on-demand UFC material. That’s also due to the hundreds of Kodi add-ons accessible from authorized add-ons as well as 3rd-party add-ons.

Hence, users can’t afford to miss a great plugin from Kodi which can fulfil all of your UFC and MMA requirements. You can check out our previous articles if you aren’t familiar with how to use Kodi or install Kodi on your Fire Stick.



Throughout the online streaming industry, Mobdro on Kodi is an iconic application. The software lets you access thousands of main Television channels from around the globe. Broadcasts are divided into divisions and there is a division of sports which has almost one hundred networks. What you have to do with Mobdro is literally search for one of the Television channels that run Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

The primary UFC outlets Espn, and Fox Sports 1, as well as Fox Sports 2, can be seen on Mobdro. many other networks air UFCs such as SkySports and BT Sport, all free of cost. Don’t ever use Mobdro without a VPN, though, as your ISP can actually know when you are already accessing the internet (illegal content). Below is a choice of the correct UFC add -ons you could download on Kodi to guide users.

Planet MMA

Planet MMA

Planet MMA, previously identified as UFC Finest, is a fine addon to Kodi for any and all Kodi followers. Just as its title suggests, the plugin is devoted to MMA, with the primary one that is UFC. Planet MMA has a complete and accurate UFC database that you should always view on demand, and connections to live UFC occurrences and PPVs are often provided.



SportsDevil is an add-on to iconic Kodi sporting events. The add-on operates like a google search scraping public origin web pages throughout online and returning links for all sorts of sports, including UFC. Owing to its unparalleled usability, many other sporting events add-ons focus on SportsDevil as interdependence.

SportsDevil’s sole issue is that you’ll discover lots of links, a few other working, others not working. Visitors will also be able to stream Live UFC on Amazon Firestick Free with maybe a bit of experimentation.

Halow Live TV

Halow Live TV

Halow Live TV is yet another add-on to this and has been available for almost a few years. The add-on isn’t devoted to UFC or MMA but offers channels to different live broadcasts for individuals. You cannot skip a connection to every live UFC addition, which makes Halow Live TV a perfect place to the creation and sharing Live UFC events.

cCloud TV

cCloud TV

Thanks to its superb quality and safety, cCloud TV is a choice among several Kodi fans. The plugin has a large content collection, divided into various groups. You could always enjoy any UFC event live under Live Sport on Firestick.

What’s the verdict?

Amazon Fire TV has been one of the main streaming channels and that implies people may have that already at their homes. Otherwise then, adding these to your streaming system is simple and fast. We hope you found this article helpful! Stay tuned to read more tech-related news!

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