10 Unique Technical skills during a quarantine

In this pandemic situation we have been locked up at our home. Some people who are affected with this deadly virus Corona, have been isolated for a solid period of 14 days which means they are provided with plenty of time of 336 hours. This would be a better time for learning a good skill because you won’t have this time period again in your lifetime.

Reading books and watching series are more interesting and you can kill your time with enjoyment, but don’t forget the thing that you are doing the same thing as before isolation. So, what I suggest is to learn a new skill which would definitely transform you. Everyone has different interests and they would be struggling to get an idea about ‘What should I learn now?’, if you are also one among them here you will find better skill.

The unique skill you must learn to feel the difference in you

For programmers

1. Data science

In this quarantine you can learn data science completely if you have the potential to learn. Data scientist is one who can analyse the business problem and approach an idea for facing those problems. This is done by a process called Data acquisition. Once the step is done the data scientist analyses the result and communicates with them to the company  team through a process called data visualization.

So no company would run without facing a problem and they would have a data scientist to solve their issues. So by learning this skill you are opened to wide opportunities. This is one of the highest paid jobs at tech field. So don’t hesitate in learning this skill it would definitely accelerate your career.

2. Web development

It is the most vital part in every industry. If an industry didn’t advertise their product people don’t even know that industry was existing. So they need a leading platform to publish themselves as a good one. Hence it is very important to have a well skilled web developer. 

A web developer designs and maintains a website according to their client’s wish with their programs. They can perform in two areas,one is Front end developers who deals with the process of designing visual aspects of the website and another one is Back end developers who deals with the servers integration. The programme is based on common languages  like Java and more. So if you love programming just enjoy making these websites.

For video editors and photographers

3. Complete video production

Everyone loves to create something of their own. Many people do video editing as their hobby. If you are among the one just start learning a course on video editing. You are provided with many ideas and you can be mastered with those techniques.

Many platforms are there to provide free courses where you can learn good content. If you are not comfortable with those things just move to YouTube, you can find plenty of courses there. It’s not like going to a job and earning money, if you are a good editor, start a channel to earn more.

4. Smartphone photography

Many people love to be a photographer but they don’t even have a good camera. It’s not compulsory to have a high quality camera to capture a good looking picture. And that too you don’t need a costly device for that , you should have the complete guidance and that’s enough.

Many platforms offer many online courses on this online photography just have a look and pick your favourite.

5. Master photoshop

If you decide to work with graphics and web designing you must know this photoshop. Once you start learning you won’t stop, because it has several components like masking, colour balancing and many more.

If you love editing or making graphics, learn this photoshop. There are many platforms to help you along that’s too absolutely free of cost.

For common learning

6. Learn a new language

Learning a new language is very interesting one. One language is not enough to survive in the industrial field. You can learn many foreign languages at your home.

There are some unique platforms to give you the best guidance to improve your language and you can equip another language too.

7. Soft skills

Many people know this and wonder, Is there any need to do a course for developing soft skills? The answer is YES. Though you have good communication skills and proper body language, just take a course on these soft skills and you would definitely feel the difference in your attitude.

This is also offered by many platforms and if that’s not enough YouTube videos are there to have good skill.

8. Content writing

That’s a lovable one. Yes I am also a content writer. If you have strong communication skills and writing skills definitely you can become a writer. 

Content writing gives exposure to many new things that you don’t even know before. You can start this with a course on any platform and start doing small internships to equip yourself. Then as the last step you can make this as your career or you can be able to start an own website.

9. Yoga and meditation

In this new era we are facing many problems and definitely we need some peace. Do meditation and yoga to keep your mind healthy.

You can learn this online with Youtube or you can go to any centres that teach yoga.

10. Cooking

Last but not least. Cooking is also a profession. Are you the one among those who love food? Then try learning cooking and make your creative recipes. You can even earn from this.


Simply killing your time is very easy but utilizing the time wisely is tough. So equip yourself with good skill and start the transformation in you.

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