10 Free Best Sites to Learn Online during Lockdown

The technological advances brought new possibilities for mastering the art of self-learning. Lessoning anything different wasn’t easier back then though. But today, there are several training services and classes. For different factors, often people don’t have time to apply for a proper-time college program. Therefore university courses online became prominent and useful. Now you should find infinite options to learn online.

And also the greatest thing is you’ll find a lot of top quality resources that are free of charge. If you want to master a brand new topic or develop your current skills, there’s no lack of your preference and content online training. With lots and lots of online education sites, though, you might have a challenge in finding the one that suits you. The coronavirus outbreak has raised interest in online learning and acquired MOOCs in the forefront again. We’ve assembled a collection of ten sites that have courses online based on merit and demand.

Step forward, try out the websites, and pick the one that best catches your eye.

1. Coursera

First and foremost, in this list, we have Coursera. Coursera is among the largest sources of massive open online courses (MOOCs). It has collaborated with colleges and organizations across the globe to provide affordable access to great education in the country. I have personally tried this site for various courses and I find it the best. The learning pattern is different and simple and they have a huge list from sustainability to mind-shift and even social psychology. All the courses are from renowned universities such as the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, and the University of Michigan.

There are almost a hundred absolutely online classes. You may click on the name of the classification and you will be offered a list of recommended classes from that same group. Coursera’s mobile application can be installed to make reading easier for you. You will also be granted a Certificate of Completion upon the finalization of certain course work. Check out this link, https://www.classcentral.com/report/coursera-free-certificate-covid-19/ for a full list of the free courses offered and reviews regarding each course. 

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy, as a non-profit organization, strives to offer free and quality education to everyone and everywhere around the globe. To support you grow and strengthen your knowledge, the platform offers micro-readings, tutorials, and study tasks. They have collaborated with other high schools and deliver a well-organized system. You might be surprised to know that virtually any course you’ll notice on this site is free of cost.

3. Udemy

Udemy is among the most famous and large online learning portals. The program provides diverse classes taught by international experts. With over 55,000 programs in all kinds with various subjects, you may pick the program of your choosing. In nature, the free programs on Udemy are close to those on Coursera. Additionally, it helps you to create personalized lesson plans. The Website provides both free and charged content.

4. edX

Some of the other popular online learning choices are edX, and it is an online educational website that is non-profit. This was established by Harvard University and MIT in 2012. It seeks to provide elevated-quality instructional material to improve learning and teaching.

5. Futurelearn

FutureLearn is an Open University component that delivers classes from major educational institutions and member organizations. For more comprehensive education, one may select the complete packages that have several courses in them.

6. Udacity

Udacity is a forum for online learning and is much cheaper than conventional education. Udacity has committed itself to introduce free, inexpensive, and successful forms of higher education into the country.  

7. Codecademy

What separates Codecademy from all the other sites is that this is meant to deliver free programming classes. In comparison to many related sites that teach users how to code at their own pace, the Codecademy encourages students to catch up. Utilizing help groups and a gamified scoring system, the students will be trained on how to construct the codes required to build digital sites.

8. Bloc

Bloc is more of an expensive alternative, as it focuses primarily on web creation. This instructional website delivers a tightly organized curriculum that lasts for a few months for 25 hours per week.

9. Alison

If you’re searching for free classes electronically maybe Alison is the best choice. With 10 million learners from around the globe, Alison is among the best learning tools that provide both free and elevated-quality classes. Safety, tech, industry, design classes can be found here.

10. Harvard University

Last but not least we have Harvard University. They are offering several free courses due to the ongoing pandemic. 

What’s the verdict?

If you have plenty of time to spare during this ongoing pandemic, I would recommend you check any of these best ten sites to learn online. These sites are very useful to gain some knowledge as well as build your resume.

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