Clash Royale MOD v3.1 Apk 2022 – Download Latest Version

Clash Royale is one of the best games you can find on Play Store if you love a head to head battle game. This is an online game where you need to develop your own clan. This game is developed by the developer of the clash of clan which is one of the best games and most popular games till now.

This is one of the realtime strategy games Clash Royale is one of the games which comes with real-time multiplayer gaming with a different type of characters and achievements. You need to collect and upgrade your card which has a different type of spells, defense, and clan troop, you know if you would have played clash of clans. A simple technique in this game is to defeat the enemy king and princess to win trophies and championships.

This game is absolutely free to download but you can purchase in-game materials. Some of the major updates that you could find in this clash royale are that you can now play privately with your friends and compete with them in duels.

This makes the game more amazing because you can many awards by defeating your enemies and making progress by achieving trophies and awards. But this could be sometime very irritating because you could not buy each and every product that is mentioned in the game.

Also, the different type of ads that keep popping up makes it a very annoying game. At this time it feels to uninstall the game. If you face a similar type of problem, then you should definitely look forward to reading this article.

This article basically focuses on a modified version of clash royale by which you can play absolutely the same game but with different advantages over your opponent by using the simple crack of the game as mentioned below. Keep reading this article to find out more about the different features of this hack and how you can apply them in your real game experience.

This mod which is described in this article basically gives you an unlimited resource. By using this mod you would be able to collect all your belongings easily and in a short span of time. This is 100% tested mod and it worked completely well in all the Android devices. You could find different types of mods on the internet which do not work well or can be used only on the specific type of devices but this mod can easily be used on every device. stop wasting your time searching for different mods on the internet and simply download this application. You can also check games like clash of clans, which are similar to clash royale

Clash Royale mod APK


For those who are thinking what actually this article is based on. So for them, I would be giving a brief idea about what actually a mod is. So a mod is a modified version provided by different developers of an original game. This modification is due to change in critical files of the game which restricts the player for achieving certain levels directly in the game. So when these restrictions are removed by using specified mod APK players can easily achieve what they want. For example, this mod gives you unlimited resources like coins, gems, cards, etc.

Clah Royale MOD Apk Gameplay

Some of the major features of this Clash Royale mod APK

  1. You would get unlimited resources
  2. You can easily access the chest
  3. You would be stronger than your opponent in any fight
  4. You can easily unlock legendary cards and chests
  5. You can enter in any clan and clan war
  6. You can unlock your favorite cards for free
  7. You would definitely get unlimited gems and coins for lifetime
  8. You could save your progress directly in Google account

I would advise you to try it yourself and make sure this mod works 100% for you.

But this modification is available only for Android devices. Support for iOS devices would be updated soon.

So simply click here to download this amazing mod APK below

Download Clash Royale MOD Apk

How to Install Clash Royale Mod APK?

Installation of this mod is very easy you just need to follow certain steps so that you can easily install this mod on your Android device without any tension.

  1. Make sure you have enabled installation from unknown sources option from your setting. This option is enabled automatically by your phone to protect it from the harmful application which is installed in it from external sources. But as this mod is completely safe and is developed by amazing developers you can totally trust this application and install it.
  2. Once you have enabled installation from the unknown source download the Mod APK from the above-given link.
  3. Install this app on your device.
  4. Once you install this APK, uninstall your old game from the device and again install the latest clash royale from Play Store.
  5. Follow the instruction and give all permission it requires.
  6. Once you finished this installation keep a note to reboot your smartphone.
  7. Rebooting your smartphone is very essential as it help up in proper absorption of codes in the game so that you do not lose any of your personal data. If you do not reboot your smartphone and start playing the game there might be chances that if this game crash due to any reason you would need to remove all your data from the smartphone or format it.
  8. Backup all your personal data like photo, video, music, messages, etc and keep it safe in your PC or laptop.
  9. In case something goes wrong and you need to format your smartphone so you could easily use this backup data to retrieve your personal data.
  • That’s it once you have completed all this procedure directly open the game and start playing you have now done all required procedure and process.

Once you have installed this mod in your device you can directly start playing clash royale and you would see that you have unlocked unlimited resources like coins and gems. Although you need to find different cards because cards are not unlocked in this mod. You will also notice that you can now easily open all your chest in a very short span of time. Also now you can easily win upon your opponent.

User Reviews

Very nice game, You need your good strategy for this game I have been losing a lot of games cause u don’t have a good strat. I had once quit this game like two years ago that time I was a bit small and losing so much frustrated me I would recommend this for kids who frustrated soon upon losing games. it is like chess. overall very nice game liked it .

I have been playing this game for over 2 years but at first the game was fun but now it is too irritating as the matches are mismatched and the decrease in trophies is too much and because of mismatching we lose more than winning, also it has become somewhat boring as there are many bugs. When we type in chat the stars are really annoying we cannot understand what is written by our clanmates and because of that misunderstanding are raised breaking the unity of the clan

Clash Royale is the best game ever! It has everything. There are a lot of game modes, we can spectate our friends, we can donate/request cards etc. But I really feel that MAGIC ARCHER is not as strong as he should be. You should either demote him to EPIC rarity or reduce his elixir cost from 4 to 3. He’s very weak. I’m really happy to see the champions. I love all the new updates too, nice work SUPERCELL!!

I like this game it is a good game. I am giving this a four star because it has a bug even if we have a proper internet connection it shows no internet connection re login and it causes for losing trophies I am pushing but because of the bug I almost lost 1000 trophies in a week.

Trash game Match making is broken I am continuously having to play against level 11 players with level 12 cards though I am lvl10 player with level 11 cards. And the opponent also has OP level13 mega knight.

Cr is an awesome game but for magical key inference is full your are giving 100 coin only same if I getting a chest I didn’t have magical key can we buy magical key in shop or where. In shop you are keep 60 gems we give means get 1000 coins same i give 1000 coins and get 60 gems, think it. But it is a really good game i recommend for my friends ❤️ keep give updated 💥.This game only good in supercell .just rock it👊

its been a very long time from which I have been playing this game Its a strategy game which uses a lot of brain power which sharpens our mind. it also makes our heart pumping. it’s very addictive also . From my experience of above 2 years it’s a fantastic, mindblowing , superamazing and addictive game

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