10 Best War Strategy Games for iPhone or iPad 2022

Now you’re thinking about the best war strategy games for the iphone and how to choose it? We will discuss the best strategy game for your iPhone and iPad today, and it’s an incredibly easy list of gaming. Mobile playing games is usually associated with these Fast, clear and gentle types. That you can play anywhere in your free time. But you are confused about the games? There are countless games deep and reflected on the App Store. 

Let’s check Best war strategy games for iPhone

Just look at all the great iOS war strategy games available on the platform. Some of them are direct ports of PCs and some are that we can play on phones. Here is a list of the best war strategy games for iphone. You can choose your favourite game and enjoy it.

1. Raiders of the North Sea

Raiders of the North Sea

 The Raiders of the North Sea offer the classic elements of the physical planks game in the digital world. Become a Viking raid in Viking age and plant raids on different communities to collect lost treasures. The goal of the game is to ride as many resources as possible and impress the leader of your Viking family. The more resources you have, the leaders are impressive. With additional resources, you can also improve your crew and ships to raid more.

Link: iOS

2. Elder Scrolls franchise

Elder Scrolls franchise

The Elder Scroll franchise has been popular in recent years thanks to multiple entries on video game machines. With the large rolls of the elderly: The Legends, you get the great stories of the Elder Scroll roll universe, as well as the elements of a strategic game. The game changes play style drawn from other games of cards and similar strategies.

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3. FTL: Faster Than Light

Faster Than Light

Faster Than Light is a good war strategy game and Its addictive gameplay is paired with a rewarding challenge-based progression system that fans love. With the release for Apple devices, you can now enjoy this award-winning game at your fingertips. You are tasked with directing your spaceship as you try to save the galaxy. You also have to manage your crew and fend off hostile forces along the way.

Link: iOS

4. Warpath


 Warpath is a WW2 Alt History strategy game where you have to put a variety of aerial and terrestrial units through familiar battlefields, including eastern beaches and Normandy. Starting with just a small militant, you will soon develop your size and powerful army in a proposal to eliminate scarecrow factions. Warpath is the best game choice for iPhone users.

Link: iOS

5. Kingdom Rush – Tower Defense

10 Best War Strategy Games for iPhone or iPad 2022 1

 Kingdom Rush is a unique real-time round defense game developed by Iron Hide Game Studio. Posted by armor games and originally published on July 28, 2011, this is the first match in the Kingdom Rush game series, according to the formula of a typical tower game. Placing the tower at the side of a road to destroy enemies appears in predefined waves, the goal is to overcome all waves before the end of the road, using certain towers and capabilities.

Link: iOS

6. Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies

 Plants vs. Zombies has been a classic for mobile devices for quite some time. Even after 13 years since the game was first released, it is still relevant around the world. The gameplay is relatively simple. You will need to plant trees outside your playhouse to save yourself from zombies trying to eat you. The factories have different types and with different weapons that can be used to destroy zombies.

Link: iOS

7. Game of War – Fire Age

Game of war

 Game of War Fire Age is a free game for mobile devices where you will have to go to a big battle for the kingdom’s rule. This is an MMORPG action strategy translated into 32 languages. The most important thing about war games: Age of Fire is the corresponding part of your city’s management. In this section, you can build all types of buildings, from attic or sawmills to temples and trained barracks for soldiers.

Link: iOS

8. War across the world

War across the world

 World war attack a series of scripts and context of history. You can fight in Tannenberg forests a minute, assimilate the following Normandy beaches, before the end of Syria in the six-day battle.It is a unique turn-based historical strategy game, in the spirit of a board game, which aims to simulate in a single system all types of wars and conflicts around the world (and beyond) from Prehistory to our day, operationally or strategically.

Link: iOS

9. Rome: Total War

Rome: Total War

Total War was initially released to the PC and received rave reviews for its strategy-based gameplay and storyline. Now, it’s been ported to mobile devices to enjoy the famous series at your fingertips.The game also brings in the various expansion packs available on the PC game. Rome: Total War gives you the task of commanding one of the greatest armies in history. Guide the Roman army towards victory as you craft an empire from the spoils of war.

Link: iOS

10. The Elder Scrolls: Legends CCG

The Elder Scrolls: Legends CCG

The Elder Scrolls franchise has been popularized over the years through numerous entries on video game consoles. With The Elder Scrolls: Legends, you get the wonderful stories of the Elder Scrolls universe, along with the elements of a strategy game. The game changes the gameplay style taken from other similar card and strategy games. It is the best choice of war strategy games for the iPhone.

Link: iOS


So here are some of the best war strategy games for the iphone that will give you different scenarios and challenges. Which one do you like the most? So we hope that you like our list of best war strategy games for iphone. 


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