The House of Da Vinci 2 Walkthrough & Guide – Chapter 1 and 2.

Blue brain Games are back with the spin-off of their amazing experience puzzle game, The house of Da Vinci. The spin-off, The house of Da Vinci 2, gets back on track. You wake up in a cell and discover a gadget that permits you to see into the past and control objects.

Chapter 1:

house-da-vinci chap 1

  1. You woke up in a cell. Follow these instructional exercises. Pick up the tube the guard threw in. It’s a calfskin case. Curve off the top and pull out the letter. Drag the letter upwards to see the base part. At that point discharge the key from the strip. Presently you can get a key. 
  2. Get the wooden spoon from the floor. 
  3. Focus in on the entryway. Move the key from your stock to the bolt. At that point turn the way to uncover the lock. Utilize the key in the lock and go it to open the entryway. Experience.
  4. Pivot and get the strangely molded screw.
  5. Pivot again and utilize the screw on the barrel. Go it to uncover a gadget. Pull it open and take the piece of a torment gadget.
  6. Open the piece of a torment gadget from your stock and afterward drag the inquisitively molded screw to it. Turn it and you’ll wind up with a torment gadget.
  7. Go to the divider with the chain and wrench. Turn the wrench handle to bring down the chain.
  8. Turn the wrench once more. It will break, so supplant the part with the wooden spoon. At that point turn it again to open the secret entrance. Head down.
  9. Focus in on the wheel. Move the peg down to deliver the handle. At that point turn the wheel to open the following door. Go through. Find the little box in the divider to one side. Focus in on the three circles. Turn every one of the three so the holes line up with one another. At that point take the gold and silver-plated object that is uncovered.
  10. Locate the little box in the divider to one side. Focus in on the three circles. Turn every one of the three so the holes line up with one another. At that point take the gold and silver-plated object that is revealed. Zoom pull out and afterward focus in on the head of the case. Spot the article in the space and afterward pull it down. Follow the instructional exercise and utilize two fingers to pull the two pieces in. At that point open the case.
  11. Peruse the letter and afterward take the piece behind it. Drag it to the head of the vault puzzle and push it down. Return to the future/present. Presently you can cross the scaffold under the foreboding figure. Locate the stone head and get it.
  12. Return a piece the manner in which you came in and discover a gap in the divider to one side. Addition the stone head in the opening. Pull down its mouth to open a mystery entryway to a concealed zone.
  13. Proceed with the way and up the steps to another door. Pull the switch to open the entryway and experience. You’re out in the city. Somebody opens an entryway for you. Head through to meet your sponsor. He’ll give you a scratch pad that will be utilized to record a few pieces of information and furthermore serve as your diary. At the point when he’s finished talking, head through the entryway he’s pointing at to finish Section 1.

Full Game The House of Da Vinci 2 Walkthrough Video

Chapter 2

house-da-vinci chap 2

  1. Enter the Labyrinth to get a presentation from Leonardo Da Vinci. When he quits talking, glance through your diary a piece.
  2. You’re in a gazebo now. Get the letter off the table and read it.
  3. Move the toss pad aside and get the supplication nut. 
  4. Inspect the petition nut in your pack and free it up to discover a star-molded wrench. 
  5. Spot the wrench in the opening on the table and afterward turn it clockwise until a metal pinecone ascends. 
  6. Focus in on the pinecone and stroll around it to discover a point on the pinecone that is a lighter shading. Press it to cause three focuses to discharge.
  7. Pull the three brings up and the pinecone will open more, uncovering a few images and some sliding pieces. Match the four pieces to the right images to free it up to uncover a math device. 
  8. Utilize the wheels to flip it over once left to right and once up to down. At that point coordinate the math device pieces to the circles in the tree cutting behind them. It will at that point be added as a piece of information to your scratch pad. 
  9. Take the piece of the system that is left on the table. 
  10. Zoom pull out. Go to one side. On the off chance that you turn the wheel, you’ll see that it moves the plant along a track, yet it can’t move far as a result of the plants. 
  11. Close the cover and look at the metal plate to obtain some much needed education for your diary. 
  12. Focus in on the little slider and pull it to one side to open the cover. Lift up the cover to uncover a space for some article. 
  13. Face the table once more. Utilize the Oculus Perpetua to return to the past. 
  14. Focus in on the left seat’s left arm rest. Pull out the falcon cutting with one hand to uncover a little slider. With your other hand, pull the slider down. 
  15. The head of the arm rest will spring up. Search for another slider and slide it up, delivering the circle with Roman numerals. Take it. 
  16. While here, focus in on the shut box. Turn the dials and match the images to the piece of information in your diary. At that point pull it open to uncover a similar wheel you approached in the present. 
  17. This time, on the off chance that you attempt to turn the wheel, the plant won’t move since it’s secured. We have to make sense of how to open that lock, however later. 
  18. Return to the present. Focus in on the head of the case again and place the circle with Roman numerals in the space. The thought is the move the numbers on it into the right openings dependent on math. So every two coins need to indicate the number between them. It should resemble this at long last, since 1 + 2 = 3, 2 + 3 = 5, 1 + 5 = 6, and 5 + 3 = 8. At that point bust open the cover and take the emblem. 
  19. Investigate the emblem in your pack. There are four pieces on it that appear as though fastens, yet they’re most certainly not. Slide one down to open the emblem up and transform it into an unfurled emblem. 
  20. Spot the opened emblem on the divider behind you. The boards will open, uncovering a riddle. You have to utilize the two “joysticks” to move the top silver piece down to the last one, contacting all hubs. It will likewise add a sign to your journal.

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