Best Arcade Games for Android 2022

Have you ever got bored with competitive games like PUBG Mobile or Mobile Legends.

To get rid of your boredom, you should try arcade games, let alone offer a game that is fairly simple and correct when you play in peace.

So, this time, Techholicz is giving recommendations for the best arcade games for Android phones in 2019 that you need to play. Come on, look at the review!

Recommendations for the best and the free arcade game for Android 2022

It is assumed that arcade games improve the agility of the players. Of course, especially with the highest level, the difficulty level will increase

For the first list, Techholicz offers an overview of some of the best Android arcade games that are already very popular, of course, and you can download them for free. Curious, what are the games?

1.Jetpack Joyride

jetpack joyride

Based on this list of the best arcade games, is Jetpack Joyride, which has gained popularity on the mobile platform after it was popular on PCs and laptops.

In this addictive game, you will have to control the characters that navigate in the lab with Jetpack.

Avoid obstacles and use different power-ups to get the longest distance and get the highest score.

2. Pac-Man 256 (Endless Labyrinth)

Best Arcade Games for Android 2022 1

For those who like to play retro arcade games, they are certainly familiar with the Pac-Man character, right?

Well, on the Android platform you can also feel it in the Pac-Man 256 game, which is more exciting than its predecessor, which was present in the console of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

In the game you also have to spend the balls and dodge the ghosts. But with custom graphics, it does not hurt to try again, right?

3. Hawk: Air Force Zone

hack for force-lpkjo

Do you remember the shooting games you play often in the time zone?

For the Android version, you can try the best arcade game called Hawk: Air Force Zone, which offers a similar game with some changes.

For example, sophisticated aircraft graphics in a fantasy world, a cooperative mode that can be played with friends and more than 130 levels to play.

4. Subway surfers


Nobody can deny more! Subway Surfers should be considered the best Android game of all time with a total download on Google Play more than a billion times.

The Android arcade game with the theme of endless running is easy to play by sliding up and down and to the left and to the right on the screen.

Even to get the highest score, there are some Subway Surfers tips and tricks that you must try!

5. Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami

If the zombie games usually require you to kill him, instead, you are the insurgent in the best arcade game.

In the zombie tsunami, you must control a group of zombies and hunt people on the street.

Over time, the number of zombies increases and may decrease if you do not overcome the obstacles. Hold the last zombie to get the highest score, !

6. World hungry for sharks.


Hungry Shark World is a sequel to the game Hungry Shark Evolution in which you play a shark to hunt several preys.

In this last series, you will find another world of more than 20 species of sharks that you can play.

This best arcade game has simple controls so everyone can play it, you know?

Best offline arcade game for Android recommended

If some of the aforementioned arcade games offer a cooperative or multiplayer mode that requires an Internet quota, this will be different for some games that Techholicz will cover below.

The offline arcade games on Android phones offer games with several missions, even without Internet networks, which are also exciting.

1. Payback 2 – The Combat Sandbox


First, there’s Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox, which is actually an offline arcade game, but at first glance it contains graphics like GTA games.

Here you can explore the city at will, commit crimes and do everything you want. The point will be fun if you do a riot!

2. Tank Wars 2 block

tank wars 2 block

So if you like tank war games, Block Tank Wars 2 can be one of the offline arcade games that should be downloaded.

Here you fight and destroy other tanks in one area. Increase the capacity of your tank to be more resistant and easier to fire enemies!

3. Cross the street

cross the street

Can chickens cross the street? That’s the mission you have to fulfill when you play Crossy Road.

For 3D isometric graphics, just touch the screen to control the characters. In addition to the chicken figures, you can try other figures that you can buy with coins.

End of the word

Well, that’s the recommendation of the best arcade game on an Android phone that you can play both online and offline in 2019.

So, where are the games you want to play? Come on, write your opinion in the comments column below, yes. Good luck.

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