Ghost of the Past Ghost Recon Breakpoint Walkthrough

Ghosts of the Past is a mission in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The majority of the Ghosts of the Past quest, you have to collect clues to point you to your next destination. Some people have been experiencing a problem with clues reappearing during the Investigate the badge’s origin step, and the mission not progressing properly. With that said, here’s our Ghost Recon Breakpoint Ghosts of the Past Clues Bug – How to Fix guide to help you work around this issue. 

Investigate Location

  • The objective is to move towards the imprint where the canine labels were found. You can utilize the helicopter at Erewhon to arrive rapidly.


  • After a while there will be some soldiers visible. Kill them initially.


  • Move towards the accident transport.


  • Pick the intel of the corpse.


  • Moe towards Schulz Homestead.

  • To check the symbol of the stake, move to Schulz Homestead. T


  • Talk to the locals for intel.


  • Move towards Anti-Aircraft Ruins


  • Next hint is to move towards Anti-Aircraft Ruins.


  • There will be many soldiers and buildings.


  • Gather three intel

Intel is placed inside the building you go into.follow the lead in the game. 


  • It is bad if you are caught though. You will have to fight a lot of them.


  • Now is the intel.


  • Intels are placed side by side


  • Go for the bunker.


  • Go down..


  • Go back to Schulz once it’s done.

It is all done here(missions). You will be rewarded by a new emblem and Skell Credits.


How to Fix Ghosts of the Past Clues Glitch in Ghost Recon Breakpoint?

To fix the glitch with hints returning in the Ghosts of the Past mission in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, you need to make a point to open each and every sign you run over, all through the entire thing. What occurs for certain individuals during the Investigate the identification’s inception step is that, when they get a piece of information, and afterward get another, the first returns. To stay away from that occurrence, simply open each sign that you find immediately, and absolutely before you get the following one.

Honestly, I’m not 100% sure that this is a bug. It may very well be somewhat of an issue with game plan. Whatever the case may be, presently you know the arrangement. There are a few pieces of information thrown over the Anti-Aircraft Ruins territory. They are not in any way hard to locate; the game everything except drives you by the hand to them. In this way, as long as you open the piece of information when you run over one, you ought to be fine. Simply follow the markers on the screen and on the minimap, and you ought to be brilliant. 

In the event that you’re experiencing difficulty with whatever else in the game, at that point perhaps one of our other Ghost Recon Breakpoint aides will be useful to you.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint will have various endings, as per the game’s inventive chief Eric Couzain. The Ubisoft title, declared for the current week, is accessible for pre-request and will deliver on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 4 this year. 

The most current portion of the shooter arrangement will put players down on an anecdotal island called Aurora, where they will fight for endurance after their helicopter gets destroyed. Traveler, the principal hero, will go head to head with an imposing adversary in Walker, who orders a crew of concealed, innovative champions called Wolves. 

Couzain has disclosed to Gamerant that the game won’t end on a similar route for everybody as the missions players select will decide how things work out. Until further notice, it’s been prodded that “there isn’t just one” however it’s at this point unclear the number of or how not quite the same as one another these endings truly are.


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