Useful Tips to Keep Your Macbook Fast

Having a Macbook name on your laptop and expecting that it would last forever would be naive. No matter what you have heard, technologies are changing fast, and Macbook is no exception too.

Having said that, if you want to keep it in good shape, it is time to take care of it. Otherwise, buying a new one will be the only option left. Read further to find out what you can do to make your experience with Macbook enjoyable as long as possible.

Keep enough free space

The first thing to look at when your computer starts feeling slow is disk space. Usually, over time your computer becomes full of photos, videos, and various applications. But that is just a part of what you can see.

In addition to that, your computer also generates cache files, those you probably do not see. And they can occupy a big chunk of your disk. To get rid of all this unnecessary data, you can use apps like clean my mac. It will visualize all the files in your hard drive and let you quickly delete those you do not need.

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Leave minimum items on startup

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Most of the applications you install have default settings to be started automatically during the system boot-up. If the number of such apps grows big, you may feel a decrease in speed.

To remove such apps, go to System Preferences Users and Groups Current User and find a tab named Login Items. There you will find all the applications that automatically start with the system. Remove all the unnecessary ones. Next time you start your computer, you will notice how fast it can boot up.

Keep your desktop clean

Always be aware of how many icons you have on the desktop. Try to keep only the most essential ones that you use the most. The key reason to do so is how your computer processes all those icons.

Macbooks usually treat every individual icon as a separate window. That requires computer resources. The more icons you will have on the desktop, the more resources your computer will need to process them. As a result, your system will get slow and unpleasant to use.

Select the right web browser

You would be amazed at how much of the RAMs a web browser can take. Especially concerned should be those whose computers are an older generation and have less RAM.

To deal with this issue, try several different available web browsers to see which one suits you best. Also remember to keep a minimum number of tabs active, to prevent them from consuming all the existing memory. Besides, you should know that even in an idle state, tabs use resources too. So be conscious about that.

Protect your system

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Two things that work best for keeping your system secure are anti-malware and backup software.

To maintain your system protected, always use any well-known anti-malware software, and do regular scans. Even if you do not install any unknown programs or visit shady internet pages, still do it. It is better to be safe than regret later.

In case anything goes wrong, use backup software too. If it is not a virus, maybe a hardware-related problem that could catch you unexpectedly and damage your mac. Also, try to save your backup files into additional storage or cloud space. This way, you will be sure you are safe if something goes wrong.

Do regular updates

Updating your system and applications makes it run faster. Furthermore, every new update can bring you additional features that can make the user experience more satisfactory. So, try not to ignore notifications on your screen that inform you about them.

But you should know, that sometimes happens, that developers can leave errors in the source code. So, a good rule to remember is to wait several days after the release of the update before installing it to avoid any problems.

Keep it clean

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Outside looks of the computer are also important. Keeping it full of dust and dirt makes it less enjoyable to use, and it also has a negative impact on performance. For example, if the fan gets full of dust, it will struggle to keep the proper cooling of the hardware. As a result, excessive heat can damage your system.

To prevent that from happening, either find a specialist who will be willing to do all the work for you, or try to find information to clean it by yourself.

Use a cooling pad

Computer components, such as processors, use the thermal paste to avoid overheating. Over time a thermal paste can lose its properties and become less efficient scattering heat. Particularly that can be felt in the summertime or in a room where the temperature is always high.

The best way to fight this problem is by using cooling pads. They not only prevent your Macbook from overheating but can function as a comfortable holder too.

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