What is YoWhatsApp? Things to know everything about it

WhatsApp doesn’t need an introduction. It has over 1 billion active users because of it descent fast messaging experience. But there are some creative peoples, who are not satisfied with the existing features and hence they MOD the app to give it a superpower with extra features. Some of those modded features are scheduling messages, automatic messages, etc.
So, today I’m gonna tell you about a new killing features modded app of WhatsApp named YoWhatsApp. At present day it has over 1 million active users. So, if you are wondering to download YoWhatsApp Official Application and suddenly comes a thought that, If I’ll use YoWa then should I have to uninstall the real one? Or anything else. Then don’t worry you can use both the app YoWhatsApp as well as the Real WhatsApp simultaneously. A while back a modded version of WhatsApp gone viral, which is GBWhatsApp but now YoWa in on trend. You should try once.

YowhatsApp Features

⦁ In YoWhatsApp you can hide your online status, means anyone is messaging you won’t be able to know whether you are online or not.
⦁ You can use unlimited themes and decorate your YoWa as your preference.
⦁ You can hide the blue tick. Means you know that in WhatsApp if you receive any message and you’ve seen your received message, then the particular message is mentioned with a blue tick at the corner. And with this feature, you can hide the blue tick so anyone will not be able to understand whether you have checked the message or not.
⦁ You can block calls. If you are receiving spam calls, then you can simply make use of this feature.
⦁ You can lock the app. It has a locking feature as well. If you very much care about your privacy and use different apps from the play store to protect your private apps, then this feature is very helpful for you.
⦁ It has a cool feature that you can apply a fingerprint.
⦁ As you know if you send an image in WhatsApp then the quality of the image is decreased. So, in YoWa you can share images without losing quality.
⦁ You know that WhatsApp has some limits that you cannot send some files with some specific extensions. But with  YoWhatsApp you can send any file types as it supports almost all file extensions. Such as.Zip files etc.
⦁ As you know that if you want to send messages to anyone unknown, then you first have to save the number in your contact list, then refresh on the WhatsApp app, and then you can send a message. But in YoWa you don’t have to save any number you can send a message to anyone without saving their number to your contact list.
⦁ You can easily change the font style that looks good to you.
⦁ It has a killer feature which is Anti-Delete. Means if you send a message to someone and the receiver didn’t want your message and wanted to delete it then he/she cannot delete it.
⦁ You can also hide second tick sign (Delivered tick sign), typing… prompt and recording prompt as well.
⦁ In real WhatsApp, you cannot hide media which appears on the gallery. But here you can hide them.
⦁ You can decorate or customize as your preference to every screen in YoWa.
⦁ You can hide profile picture so that unknown person will not be able to identify you.
⦁ If you are chatting with somebody and you are in a crowd and don’t want other people to know that to whom you are chatting with, then here is a feature with this you can hide the name of the person to whom you are chatting.
⦁ You can translate messages.
⦁ It also has DND (Do Not Disturb) services. This can control spam messages.
⦁ You also can hide a particular chat where original WhatsApp doesn’t provide you.
⦁ You can send large files, auto-reply, download status, etc.
⦁ These are some interesting and cool features, and there are tons of more features available on YoWa for more download the app and feel like a powerful WhatsApp superuser.


Your Privacy here is not that much protected than the real WhatsApp. Means this is a modded version of WhatsApp so, the developer has the full control over your device once you install YoWa. The developer can easily spy, but there are so many users so he will not spy but can sell it to other companies. They can create products by understanding the user’s behavior.

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