How can I retrieve deleted facebook messages? 

Who does not use Facebook these days? We all do, isn’t it! It is perhaps one of those apps which are either pre-installed on our cell phones, or the ones we download as soon as we get a new handphone. No wonder that we all enjoy the benefits and fun of this social media platform. From getting curated feeds in our inbox daily to texting random strangers and our known relatives, we do everything on Facebook. However, one of the biggest cons which we might suffer from is that we cannot get our messages back, once we delete them. And since you are reading this blog, it’s most probably true for you.

A much needed thing these days

Facebook is like a necessity these days. We need it for every activity we do and it’s interesting enough to make us use it daily. Notably, one of the major features of Facebook is it’s texting feature. There we get to text our close friends and family to random strangers. We can talk with people from different cities, districts, states and even different countries. As the tagline of Facebook goes, it actually connects people globally. Starting from small businesses to huge corporations, Facebook has it all. The simple creation of Mark Zuckerberg has changed the game of social media ever since Facebook came into existence.

Is there actually any way to retrieve deleted facebook messages?

So are there really any ways, tips or tricks by which we can get our deleted messages back? Before we find out, let’s understand how Facebook works in such circumstances. You probably wanted to remove the messages which were not right for you. Or probably you wanted to delete some texts which you did not find important. Whatever your reason might be to delete your Facebook messages, what matter is, can you get those back? Can you retrieve the messages which you once deleted? Sadly, you cannot. You cannot get your deleted messages back on Facebook. The moment you choose to delete one or many messages, Facebook completely removes it from your side, your device. And mostly there are no official ways which Facebook suggests in order to retrieve your deleted texts.

How to retrieve deleted facebook messages?

What to do now then? You probably need those texts right now. Maybe you deleted some important messages by mistake. But now what? How do you get those texts back? Since you have deleted them, they are gone for good from your device. But, the other person would be having them most probably (only if he or she has not deleted them as well). So you can ask that individual to take some screenshots of your conversation and send it to you. But what if you cannot ask that person because you are not on good terms with him/her? What if it is a stranger and you cannot really ask them to send the screenshots of your texts? What to do then? Here, you might think of the only possible way, that is back ups. If you have your Facebook messages backed up, you could retrieve your deleted messages easily. If you use the Facebook Messenger app then you can check the archived messages section there. You can simply type in the name of the person in the search bar, with whose conversation you want to retrieve and those would pop up immediately. Also, you can back up your Facebook messages to your email account. If you have backed up your Facebook messages to your mail, then you need not worry.

Backing up your Facebook messages might be the only way

If you are reading this, then by now you must be aware that deleted Facebook messages cannot be retrieved until and unless they are backed up with mail or used with Facebook Messenger app. So here below, I’m sharing some steps to back up your texts so that you do not lose them in future.

  1. Open the Facebook settings.
  2. Click on the notifications first and then the email icon mentioned there.
  3. Then choose the option of ‘ All notifications except the ones you turn off ‘.
  4. Now, you can download all your Facebook messages to your computer or desktop.
  5. Go to the Facebook settings once more.
  6. Then select the ‘Your Facebook Information’ tab.
  7. After this, click on ‘Download your information’. (This step is for retrieving all Facebook information of yours)
  8. If you want to download only your deleted messages, then select the ‘Deselect all’ icon and check tick only on the message box.
  9. Now select the ‘Create file’ option.
  10. Everything is done by this time and you would receive your deleted messages to your email once Facebook makes it ready to be viewed.

Backing up your messages on Facebook is the only safe way to not get into such kinds of problems again. I hope this has helped you out well.

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