Where Can You Buy Cryptocurrency? Possible Ways

When thinking about crypto investments, it is crucial to pick a worthy coin and a reliable platform for buying crypto. Successful crypto investment means diversification. You should not only buy mega-cap assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Look for middle and low-cap coins to invest in. For example, the XRP coin really deserves attention. 

Ripple is a platform facilitating financial settlements worldwide. It offers:

  • low fees;
  • high speed of transactions;
  • absence of middlemen.

The Ripple ledger is integrated into over 100 real-sector financial companies. Due to XRP, they provide fast and quality services and send money worldwide instantly and at low fees. 

The Ripple XRP price maintains around the $0.38 mark and does not grow much during the market uprisings. The reason is the court case initiated by the SEC a couple of years ago on the subject of the Ripple token XRP. The SEC demands the token to be acknowledged at security.

Even despite all the troubles with the SEC, the Ripple project keeps on developing, it has big chance to boost when the issues with the SEC are solved.

Where to Buy Cryptocurrency?

Some ways to buy crypto online:

  • You may register on one of the regulated exchanges
  • You may use a decentralized platform.

The most reliable of these two options is a regulated exchange. For example, WhiteBIT. it is officially registered in Europe (Estonia) and has a license. Buying crypto is available with fiat money through a bank card for registered and verified users. Or, if you have a crypto wallet, you may use the WhiteBIT spot trading and buy XRP without verification. You may use the WhiteBIT DEX to buy coins with ho registration too. 

All other trident options on WhiteBIT require registration and KYC verification, so if you are an advanced user, please become a WhiteBIT member and take advantage of all its features and unlimited withdrawals.

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