3D smart bandage can help monitor heart, brain signals, eye movement

Yeah, you read title rite, here comes the future, Scientists in New York has developed stretchable 3D Smart bandage which can monitor the signals wirelessly from respiration, heart, brain, eye movement and also robotic arm.

When that device is worn on the chest or stomach, it can record heart signals like an electrocardiogram(ECG).

brain signals 2

This is also used to sense the brain signals like ECG mini sensor for which you have to attach the device on the forehead, and if you attach it on the side of your head, it records the eyeball movement. When the smart bandage is worn on the forearm, it records muscle activities and also it can be used to control robotic arm remotely. Not only that it also analyses the skin temperature and body motion.

Yang Li, graduate student at the University of California-San Diego said that 3D Smart Bandage is a master of all trades , since they have picked high quality, robust sub-components, the best strain sensor that they could find on the market, the most sensitive accelerometer, the most reliable ECG sensor, high-quality Bluetooth, etc and developed a smart way to integrate all these into one stretchable device. And they have succeeded in it.

3D Smart Bandage consists of four layers of interconnected stretchable, flexible circuit boards.

The smart bandage can long last for six months, without affecting its performance.

It can also communicate wirelessly with a smartphone/laptop up to 10 meters away. This device runs on a total of about 35.6 milliwatts, which is similar to the power of 7 laser points.

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