10 Best Educational Robots for Stem-Steam Classroom to make learning fun

Technology gave rise to many useful things that are smart enough, to make our work simple. Now teaching is possible through this technology with the help of modern Robotics. Through this students can learn from elementary to even graduation. 

These educational robotics are not only functional through apps, it can also observe our voice, gestures and more. They are used because they are engineered well with computing power and it can give up-to-date information. 

There are many such robotics helps in learning but here I am going to list these unique 10 robotics that brings an fun based learning. 

The 10 unique robots

1. Root

This is designed to make children learn program code by early stage with lots of fun. It is builded with over 50 sensors and actuator motors. It normally follows a line using magnets. 

Students can program it to follow a certain pattern, or to follow colours  and do many more things. You can even program it to a racing robot to have a fun play.

Root connects to a mobile device through WiFi. It is designed graphically so that every student at the different education level can program it. 

2. MotionBlock 

Motion block is one of the latest robotic kit of make block. It allows students to explore coding, engineering, and AI-development. 

Students can program it to perform various tasks like picking an object based on its shape or colour. It can be coded with Makeblock’s Scratch 5 app which allows students to make Python programming. 

3. Makey Makey

This is an awesome toolkit that allows students to program in games. This is a cool robot that allows you to do simple and awesome programs.

You can teach this robot to do specific tasks, adding music, making fun and many more. This is best for children under age of 6 but also suits for young children too.

4. Bloxels

It is now possible to make your own video game with this cool robotic kit  Bloxels. All you have to do is to create a simple game layout on the game board. Then capture it by camera, now you can play this as a game on your android or iOS.

This makes the children think and imagine. Here the imagination comes real. Students can make challenging games to play with their friends and family.

5. Cubelets

These robots are like transformers because each part can be re-assembled to make a different robots. 

A complete kit has 6 to 20 blocks and each block is filled with creativity. It has two different blocks of think and action blocks. Think block have a senior that responds to touch, audio or visual stimuli. Action block allows the robot to move and respond. This doesn’t need a specific program to assemble the parts. You can teach some programs later.

6. Dash & dot

Dash & dot are the pair of two robots. Dash is large with wheels and, dot is small and both have sensors. The use of different sensors makes it to choose different objects. 

Students can perform different programs to make robots simple and specific tasks like singing and dancing. Many apps are available for different age children for making programs.

7. Halocode

Halocode is a single board computer with built-in Wi-Fi. It is purely designed to teach programs with simple clicks. This halocode supports AI speech so that students can make voice-activated designs. 

It has sensors that are programmed to respond touch and audio stimuli. It can be used to do Python programing, with a simple click. Even you can make a comparison between two languages.

8. Code-a-pillar

Through this new robot students can develop critical thinking skills. This robot moves like a Caterpillar, you can add an obstacle and watch it’s movement. 

Creating simple routes makes students  learn program code easy. This is designed for pre-school children to give basic learning of program code. 

9. Codey Rocky

Codey Rocky is a combination of hardware and software that make your students learn more with fun. This robot has a sensor to respond to commands and move as per the program. 

Through this robotic kit students can learn to make hardware movements.

10. mBot

mBot is a cool and awesome robotic kit that helps your student to learn various aspects of robotics. It doesn’t stop only with programs but also teaches various things. 

You can select one course to assist your teaching performance.


Robotic tools help children in fun learning. They are exposed to many things through this technique. 

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