Facebook’s Messenger Kids- Can add their friends to the platform- (Advantage/ Disadvantage)

Facebook taking the messaging experience to next level, it launches new feature call facebook messenger for children, Children under 13 age can add thier friends on their platform, I dont think this good step what facebook has taken forward, This feature getting children very close to the social media which reflects to the growth of the children.

But this messenger will be monitored by Parents, Hence parents have to turn on a setting that creates a four-word passphrase that is used to generate these contact requests. As reported by techcrunch.

The connection request or friend request first will be sent to the parents, where parents needs to approve the request for every contact where kids will be interacting with them on a messenger kids. Also kid will recieve the request both have to approve the request, then kids can begin chatting.

This new feature of messenger allows to chat, exchange messages, photographs and videos with their friends and others once the request is approved by their parents. This feature will be available for the kids age from 6 to 13 .

Most of the report discourage this feature, The messenger kids will result in more addictive for kids, this will affect on their behaviour, and loss of outside social activities, I recommend to keep away your kids from these.

As technology is booming, we are going very close to it, we are programmed with these technology, social media etc, unknowingly.

You can write the opinion about this feature by commenting below.

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