Best AR Games for Android 2022

The development of the game world allows us to play richer. There are several ways to enjoy a video game.

Apart from the conventional methods known so far, there are many anti-mainstream methods. An example is an Augmented Reality, also known as AR.

You can only play AR games through your smartphone without any additional device. That’s why this time, Techholicz gives you the best recommendations of AR games for Android!

Here are the Best 7 AR games for Android

In short, AR is a technology that combines virtual objects in real-time and real-time environments.

To see the virtual objects generated by AR, users must use a device such as a smartphone.

Therefore, there are many AR games in Play Store and App Store. Techholicz has collected 7 of the best Android AR games you can try! What are you doing

1. Ingress Prime game

Ingress Prime game

Then comes the Ingress Prime game produced by Niantic. This game is one of the first AR games for Android devices.

When the game was released for the first time, it was a great scene because of the AR experience.

You will be notified of the location of the multiple portals that you must decrypt and then build so that the opposing team can not do the same.

2. The living dead: Our world

the living dead

For those of you who like scary but challenging zombie games, take a look at The Walking Dead: Our World this.

This game is more or less similar to Pokémon GO, except that the Pokémon is replaced by zombies who want to choose you as their target.

Your job is to destroy zombies around you. You can get different characters that can help you kill more zombies.

3. Zombie Run

zombie run

Still with zombie themes, zombie games, run! It’s a game that will make you healthy with your scary story.

When you’re on the road, you’ll get a story full of drama. This story will motivate you to move forward.

This adventure game also has a higher than average audio quality, which makes the game experience even more real.

4. Pokemon GO

pokemon go

In fact, the Pokemon GO game is probably one of the best AR games for Android.

Like the Ingress game, this game involves exploring the real world. The difference is that you have to look for Pokémon in certain places.

This game had made a scene when it was first released because the kick drum was very loud. But over time, the exaggeration decreased, although there were still loyal players.

5. Knightfall AR


The first AR game you recommend is Knightfall AR. This game is pretty good, although the time it takes to finish is pretty fast.

The concept of this game is really interesting when you need a flat place to enjoy the AR functions perfectly.

This game includes board games with action and strategy genres. This game requires somewhat complicated controls, but it is comparable to the given experience.

6. Jurrasic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive

This game is similar to Pokemon GO. The difference is what you have to catch and the collection is dinosaurs that are scattered around you.

This game also has many missions and achievements that can be achieved so that you feel more motivated to leave home.

Fortunately, these dinosaurs only existed in the AR world. Try to imagine if they really exist, we could be hunted.

7. Harry Potter: Wizard Unite


The game Harry Potter: Wizard Unite was produced by the same developer as Pokemon GO and takes you to a fascinating world of magic.

You can create a sorcerer card, see various magical creatures, enter several places in the Harry Potter story until they release magic to defeat the enemy.

If you are one of the Hardline Harry Potter fans, this game will satisfy your imagination.

End of the word

These are the 7 best AR games for Android that Techholicz can recommend for you. Have you ever played something? Write in the comments, yes!

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