Effective ways to increase your presentation skills

It’s not necessary to be an excellent speaker for giving an awesome presentation. You may come across many people who successfully deliver their speech without any nervousness or without any hesitation, behind this scene there is a lot of practise which makes them speak confidential.

Anyone can give a better presentation to express their business idea or to give an excellent speech and many more. You all need to gain some basic skills which power you to achieve the best presentation speech. Here I have listed some things that definitely help you to gain good skills for your upcoming presentations. 


As I said before, practice makes everyone perfect. Though many people won’t do much practice on their presentation, as a result they will collapse at the stage on, what to mention first or what to highlight next. This is the point that  most people forget about what to speak next. 

To overcome this situation you have to practice at least three times before speech. Prepare yourself with these points,

  • Prepare well and make a script on your talk.
  • Record your first speech and hear it before another speech.
  • Note down your mistakes and try to correct it  on an  another speech.

By doing this you can get a clear idea about your speech.

Calm your nerves

If you are going to give a speech just be calm for sometime. It is not easy to give a successful speech in front of thousands of people. You have to be calm and rehearse what you have practiced. 

But if you can’t calm your nerves just try to convert all your trembleness into energy. It may sound different but try doing it. Motivate yourself to gain more energy and make your speech louder and clear that makes you speak strong without any hesitation.


It will be better if you adapt to the environment around you. The more you adapt the more effective you can give your speech. Arrive early to the spot and hence you are provided with more time to adapt to the environment.

Try attending other presentation talks by someone. It can give you a clear idea about how to use your communication and how to use your body language. Using your communication skill with your body language would boost up your energy.

Have a positive vision

Always have a positive vision about your present and future. If you are on the stage don’t imagine like ‘I am going to make a mistake there’ instead think like ‘I am the only one to get lots of praise in this stage.’ I’m sure that you would feel better if you have a positive vision. 


Preparing means, you have to make a list about what would be the beginning and what would be the last. Great opening content will attract more audience to listen at your speech. Ask questions in between your talk to make people attentive.

Say some quotes and thoughts. Make sure that you have prepared a good content for the ending. Final speech makes a separate impact of your speech. Make all the content to be insisted at the final part.

Mind your speech

Most people love listening to the deep voices of men and the  high voices of women. Though it is difficult to change your tone, you can try it to make a difference.

Avoid speaking in lower voice or soft tone because it indicates loss of confidence in yourself. Don’t use phrases like ‘Don’t sit simply’ instead use ‘You have the potential to do’. It makes the impact on your audience.

Don’t cover many content

Don’t try to cover all the content related to your speech. Try picking some unique and effective points that will enhance your presentation. Chewing more than swallowing won’t result in wonder. So try making short and effective points to highlight your presentation. 

Make a script on your talk. If you fear just have a look at the script you have. Don’t surf your vision to the audience, make one eye contact at one time.  

Points to remember about your presentation

If you are going to give the presentation speech by using PowerPoint presentation just follow these steps to get clear,

  • Don’t use many words instead use bulletin points to get a neat appearance.
  • Use audio in-between and add videos instead of adding images to some technical content. 
  • Use your communication skills with your slides to make and effective presentation.


This is not a tough job to get with. So practice well and prepare your content. That’s all you need. All the best for your presentation.

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