10 Best Kodi Alternatives to Use in 2021

Kodi is a flexible instrument that comes in exceptionally helpful for watching motion pictures, Television programs, live television, sports, or playing retro games on the web. You can likewise utilize it to oversee disconnected substance that you effectively own. Despite the fact that Kodi is viewed as the most well known home theater programming, it doesn’t come with no other options.

All things considered, a solitary application can barely address everybody’s issues. In this way, we set out to locate the absolute best Kodi choices that you can download and utilize straight away – and we’re prepared to introduce the aftereffects of our research. We have concentrated on applications that coordinate Kodi’s media playback abilities, just as on the highlights identified with making and keeping up a media library. What separates them are singular interfaces, some additional highlights, and their foundation support. With this stated, we’re more than sure that you’ll discover an application that suits every one of your needs.

Top 10 alternatives

1. Plex


Plex is nearly comparable to Kodi. It comes stacked with such a large number of highlights that you can be effortlessly overpowered by them. The customer server design of the stage makes it the correct foil to stream media through different gadgets. This permits a similar substance to stream on the entirety of your bolstered gadgets flawlessly.

The interesting UI becomes animated when you utilize this home theater application. Plex mirrors a considerable amount of Kodi highlights with regards to the assortment of channels. You can watch the substance dependent on whichever theme or channel you like.

2. Emby

10 Best Kodi Alternatives to Use in 2021 1

On the off chance that you like the media gushing methodology of Plex, however not the way that it includes restrictive programming parts, at that point the open-source Emby may very well be the Kodi elective for you. It’s likewise based on the customer server approach and makes spilling privately put away media to organize associated gadgets overly simple.

Emby additionally incorporates a touch of live television usefulness and lets you oversee DVR accounts as well.But all the more significantly, Emby accompanies highlights like parental controls and online instruments to alter metadata, search captions, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Additionally, the superior membership opens highlights, for example, film mode and reinforcement/reestablish of server arrangement.



SMPC is the truncation for Semper Media Center. It has been created by the previous Android director for Kodi and gives you a similar vibe. Any extra that is good with Kodi additionally functions admirably for SMPC. As the producer himself calls it, SMPC is the ‘Android-disapproved of fork’ for Kodi. All things considered, unmistakably this is a standout amongst other Kodi choices, particularly with regards to Android cell phones, tablets, and shrewd televisions.

The most substantial weakness of SMPC is that you can’t utilize it with iOS. That would have made SMPC the ideal clone of Kodi. We trust SMPC will see some point clone Kodi for iPhone and iPad as well.



OSMC (Open Source Media Center) is maybe the most attractive Kodi elective that you can discover among the score of media focuses. It depends on the equivalent Kodi venture however brings another and current UI that is most appropriate for televisions and bigger screens. Like Kodi, OSMC is likewise open-source and brings the indistinguishable selected design UI.

The best part is that OSMC scraps film banners, abstract, and other significant data from the web for you. I should include the media player OSMC feels considerably more durable and in charge than Kodi which is an additional bit of leeway.

5. JRiver


JRiver has been structured along the lines of Kodi. It is intended to be the one spot where you will see every one of your media playing needs as tended to. JRiver is particularly helpful for the individuals who take a gander at their work area PC as their essential media arrangement. We have seen that the absolute best Kodi options don’t have especially great mouse mix. That is on the grounds that they are structured essentially for televisions. In any case, JRiver passages path better on that front.

The essential interface for JRiver is a Realistic UI that looks fundamentally the same as Windows.

6. Jellyfin

10 Best Kodi Alternatives to Use in 2021 2

Jellyfin is another media place, yet it has picked up a serious notoriety among the recent Kodi clients. The product is open-source and totally free, much the same as Kodi, yet that isn’t its selling point. It permits you to deal with your library of substance locally, and yet, you can have a server and access your substance over the web.

Essentially, Jellyfin is a mix of Kodi and Plex which is only the best blend one can request.

7. Media Portal


Very few have found out about Media Entry since it is new to the scene. Likewise, it isn’t as highlight rich as Plex or Kodi. However, some applications regularly appear to be worked around explicit functionalities that the application they are attempting to beat needs. The USP of Media Entry is Advanced Video Recording (DVR). It is a component that permits you to record, calendar, or watch live television. While Kodi underpins Live television, it is known for a couple of hiccups as well.

Other than the DVR usefulness, Media Entry additionally underpins an assortment of television tuner cards. Obviously, you are consistently free to utilize it for playing music, recordings, and Blu-Beam plates.

8. Stremio


Stremio is an every selective medium player utilizing which feels a great deal like a super-charged variant of Kodi. Be that as it may, not at all like Kodi, you don’t need to independently rundown or connection sources as Stremio does this naturally. It records first class motion pictures, television arrangement, YouTube stations all alone and furthermore shows you a rundown of sources from where it can stream media. The accessible choices incorporate sources, for example, deluges just as paid ones.

Other than showing a solid library of substance, Stremio additionally informs you when another scene is added to the Network programs in your library. Generally, the exceptionally intelligent and present day interface, just as programmed additional items, make Stremio perhaps the best medium players and Kodi choices.

9. MediaPortal 2

mediaportal 2

MediaPortal 2 is an open-source media player that is principally intended to work with – and improve the utility of – equipment, for example, a DVR, Blu-beam player, or a television Tuner. Other than playing media from an associated player effortlessly, MediaPortal 2, likewise brings data identified with DVD films and Network programs from IMDb consequently just as spares this data so it tends to be recovered and promptly showed when you watch a similar film or tune in to a similar collection once more.

All things considered, with regards to overseeing disconnected media it is truly outstanding if not the best Kodi options available at the present time.

10. Universal Media Server

universal media server

All inclusive Media Server is going to serve you fine and dandy. It has a very basic UI and can be set up decently without any problem. It bolsters spilling to an immense assortment of gadgets and can transcode a large portion of the sound, video, and picture groups with no design. Among its numerous highlights are bit-rate modification as per arrange speed, and a web interface to work even with gadgets that don’t have DLNA support.

The magnificence of All inclusive Media Server is that it takes a shot at any gadget having Java support. To ensure it works appropriately on your Windows, Macintosh, or Linux PC, you may need to download Java on your machine.


I have given all the best applications as the best alternatives for the Kodi. So choose the best one based on its usage. 

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