7 best weapons in Pubg Mobile Game

Many weapons are available in PUBG games. You can get this weapon in several places after flights. In addition to strategy, the weapon will also be your heart to survive and even win a chicken dinner. The weapons in PUBG have different powers to kill enemies. You do not have to choose the wrong weapon.

Here are some of the best weapons to defeat enemies in PUBG

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1. Groza

Groza pubg rifle

This weapon has been named the best assault rifle of PUBG. The Groza has a capacity of 500 bullets. This weapons of Russian manufacturer can kill enemies in just 0.16 seconds, even if the opponent wears a level 3 helmet/armor. To get unlimited weapons you can download pubg mod apk and get access to all the hi-tech weapons.

2. M416


The M416 is a type of assault rifle that is a medium-sized recoil assault weapon. This weapon has not only easy handling but also a high rate of fire.

This weapon can be very deadly with the right accessories. The best investment for this weapon is the 4x ACOG Visor (Holographic Visor), Compensator, Extended Magnet for AR and Slant / Vertical Handle.

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3. UZI

UZI pubg

This class SMG weapon (machine gun) is a weapon that hurts in close combat. Despite the fact that the UZI is as light as a weapon, its firing rate and the damage caused by 9mm ammunition are fast. However, UZI is not suitable for use at the end of the battle because it can not use the scope.

4. AWM

AWM pubg

This cross-country weapon is the deadliest weapon because it deals heavy damage. This weapon is very deadly when using attachments. For observation, you can use the visor and the suppressor.

5. Karabiner 98 Kurz


The weapon, known as Kark98k, was very popular because it was used by Nazi warriors during the Second World War. It is known that this weapon is deadly in the class of sniper rifles and can be found when loading on the roof of a building or an open building.

6. M16A4

M16a4 pubg

This weapon is recommended for remote combat. To maximize it, you can combine it with 4x Scope or 6X Scope.


SCARL L pubg

The SCAR-L is a weapon using 5.56 mm caliber bullets. The advantage is a stable yield compared to others. This gun can be installed with different nozzles, making it flexible for use near and far.

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