10 Best Puzzle Games for Android 2022

Now you are searching for the perfect puzzle game for Android ? Puzzle games use minimalist design, exercise your brain and work extremely efficiently on all types of devices. If you want to enjoy unique and carefully crafted visuals that transform traditional puzzle mechanics, we’ve got you covered.

Here some list of best puzzle games for Android 

Puzzle games are always fun and interesting to play. There are a lot of puzzle games available for Android users.Some of the puzzle games are easy to Play, but some are difficult. Here is the list of top 10 puzzle games for Android users.

1. The Eyes of Ara

The Eyes of Ara

Eyes of Ara manages to provide the right balance of difficulty in its puzzles while expertly integrating them into the environment.The eyes of Ara best puzzle games for Android users. 

2. Hocus


 An easy-to-play perspective and perspective puzzle game, hard to master and allow you to create and play other puzzles. Your goal is to get the cube for the faster red and improved markup points as possible. 

There are more than 100 official puzzles, requiring you to slide to move a block around the shape. When you touch the intersection between the two paths, you can change it completely on another link. 

It is glorious in its simplicity and is easy to sink into in a few hours. 

3. Mini metro

mini metro

 Mini Metro is the best and fun puzzle element. You are tasked with drawing subway lines connecting different stations that appear as your city expands. 

You need to make sure passengers get where they need to go on time, which often requires redesigning your routes to be more efficient. With a great minimalist aesthetic, a responsive soundtrack complemented by subway lines you build, and lots of different game modes to enjoy, you’ll love Mini Metro.

4. Gorogoa


 Gorogoa is an excellent puzzle game for Android . The game shows you several picture boards. Players place the plates to tell a story. The game has thousands of illustrations to arrange, all of which fit into the main plot of the game.

 It relies heavily on illustrations to convey the story rather than forcing the player to read a bunch of stuff. This is a great puzzle game for Android users. 

5. Monument valley

Monument valley

 Monument Valley is the best interesting puzzle game for Android users because it has a unique interface that makes it a bit difficult to play. In addition, it is not like traditional puzzle games. So make it an interesting game to play. 

 You need players in a spiritual world where you have to direct the duchess. You must discover hidden routes, unravel illusions and outsmart the mysterious world.

6. Three


There are the best puzzle games for Android, iOS and Windows. You have to be strategic because if you fill the board and run out of moves, game over. 

This is a simple game, but you can spend hours trying to master it. For a truly unrestricted experience, you’ll want to purchase the full game with no ads and no distractions. 

If you want to save your money, there is a free version, but you have to watch ads to win more games. It’s a bit expensive for a game of this type, but when the end product is as good as this, I’m happy to support the indie developers. 

7. Hitman go


 Hitman Go is the best Android puzzle game and  Hitman Go is primarily an adventure game, it does contain puzzle elements, which is why it was included in our list. 

Accuracy is key in Hitman games. Alternatively, you have the choice of killing your victims in one of two ways throughout the game: stealth or full-scale attack. 

8. Prune


 Prune is the best puzzle game for Android . Your goal in the game is to plant trees and help them grow to light. Furthermore, there are 47 stages in the game, each with its difficulty. 

Prune is a game with simple but addictive gameplay, very interesting. player. Furthermore, the game has a sync feature that allows you to save your progress across different devices.

9. Chess light

Chess light

 Chess Light is a puzzle game with a clearer chess inspiration than a real chess game. It may have appeared on our list of the best games, but it certainly belongs here.You have to play 180 puzzles and six difficulty levels. 

10. Unblock me


Unblock me is a Free fun puzzle game whose goal is to get rid of the red block in the middle. To do this, you need to extrude the remaining blocks one by one. Much harder than you think.

 Keep in mind that it is an addictive game that keeps you busy for hours. Unblocking me will strengthen your brain and keep you mentally healthy every day. It’s one of the best free puzzle games for Android users for the last 7 years. 


Puzzle games are interesting and good to play. Now we hope you all get to know the best puzzle games for Android users. 

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