10 Best games like Homescapes 2022

Homescape is a great platform game that gives you the chance to restore your old home. Events are all timed and quickly save your progress. The game you are playing is a match and break where you have to match 3 or more of the same objects to break them and collect the given objects with a limited chance.
The game includes over 100 different levels where you can meet new characters (like your protagonist’s parents) and unlock loads of content. While uncovering little by little the story of Austin and his parents. Homescapes is a very entertaining casual game with lovely graphics and gameplay perfect for touch screens.

What about Homescapes alternatives

 Looking for games like Homescapes? Follow this article to discover games similar to Homescapes that are available for free. Here is the list of 10 best games similar to Homescapes that are available in-app store and Android store:

1. Manor cafe

 Just like Homescapes, this game has a similar theme. Games will be played episode by episode, and when the episode percentage bar fills up, you’ll unlock a new episode, a new room, and a new location that you’ll have to renovate to match. 

2. Candy Crush Saga 

 It is one of the most downloaded games on the Play Store with over 500 millioners It can also be considered as an alternative to Homescapes as it has a similar match break game. Candy Crush Saga is an engaging puzzle game with a social element. 

This time, you have to connect candies of different colors by making chains to make them disappear while ranking through at least 200 levels that you will find throughout your sweet adventure. 

3. Little Odd Galaxy 

 Little Odd Galaxy is an addictive and fun match 3 adventure game filled with colourful filters here are ray guns, bombs and rockets in the game which makes the game interesting and different. It’s a match3 game, so you have to match items to get the stolen carrot back. Suitable for items to win prizes and energy supplies. 

4. Storyngton Hall

 Storyngton is a game designed for romantic game lovers with a great history of warlords and women with an addictive puzzle element. Your mission in this game is to design the rooms to adapt to the preferences of each family member. In addition, you must also conceive and build flower crowns in front of the door to create beautiful and luxurious scenery for the villa. 

5. Dream Town Story

 game related to the simulation elements of city management always attracted many players for their relaxation and they are continuously extended gameplay. This genre has always been known as the best choice for players to relax and build a dream city with a distinct style. One game that fits these descriptions is Dream Town Story, developed with Japanese style and culture in mind.

6. Tropicats 

 This game is like Homescapes like never before, you are tasked with building a beautiful tropical island for cats. Puzzle games and quests must be solved to help these Tropicats recreate their home. The game gives you a socialization platform where you can play the game together with different international players. 

 7. Wonder Chef 

 Wonder Chef is a match3 puzzle game, just like Homescapes. If you are a foodie, you will be mesmerized by the graphics of this game. It’s all about the food! It’s a very easy game compared to the others we mentioned in the list. You can also choose to invite your friends to play games with you via Facebook. 

 8. Open House 

Next alternative of Homescapes are open house. Open House is a fun casual game that combines the best parts of interior design games with match3 puzzles. If you are a puzzle game lover, you will definitely love the levels, fun boosters and explosive combinations. 

After each level you have to remove a certain number of pieces with limited moves. First you have to solve each puzzle, you will earn money that you can invest in decorations for your home. Get access to lots of unique fish, decorations and equipment that you can place on your tank and make it healthier. 

 9. Township 

 Township is a strategy and management game similar to FarmVille and others that allows you to build a farm, a town, and all the infrastructure around them. You will start with a small piece of land where you can plant trees and build a few houses, but as you buy new land and the size of your town increases, you will be able to add more buildings to the town. his town. 


 These are the 10 best games like Homescapes that come across on the internet so far! All these alternative Homescapes games are a lot of fun. You can choose a game as per your wish based on the plot, graphics and difficulty level. Homescapes which will provide you different storyline and challenges. Homescapes is a special game, and it some much of alternatives are there for Homescapes. If there are any other games that you think are quite similar to Homescapes,

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