10 Best Puzzle Games for iPhone, iPad and iOS 2022

Puzzle games are always everyone’s favourite and interesting to play. They are different and they can change from difficult to simple levels. Great puzzle games will be interesting at every step and each level. Puzzle games are easy to play and downloading games from the app store is very simple. 

There are a lot of puzzle games available in the app store. Therefore it is difficult to find the best one. Don’t worry. We are here to help you to find the best iOS puzzle games.Here is the top list of 10 best puzzle games for iPhone. 

1. Move The blocks

Move The Block is one of the classic sliding puzzles (among free puzzles) where you have to slide objects (in this case blocks) to win the puzzle. 

The puzzle game has several levels in the Basic, Advanced, and Old categories (eight to be exact), with each level coming with sub-levels. It’s the best iPhone puzzle game.

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2. Two dots

 The Two Dots Puzzle game that moves around the two dots is available on the app. You need to connect the dots so that they meet and a connection between the two dots is formed. 

When you open the app, it gives you a preview of how the game is played by allowing you to connect two available dots on the screen.


3. Skillz

 Skillz is one of those mobile puzzle games that is meant to stimulate your brain and get your brain working. The app lets you decide if you want to play solo or play a multiplayer game. Once selected, there will be several levels and you will be taken to the first level. 

Please note, other levels will be locked until you pass the first one. Therefore, skipping the level is not an option. Besides that, there is an option to replay the game if you are not satisfied with your previous performance.


4. Flow Free

 If you are looking for a fast-paced puzzle game to boost your brain on the go, Flow Free is for you. The game gives you the right balance between relaxing and challenging gameplay, which involves forming a pipe to connect matching colors while completely filling the provided grid with few hits. move as much as possible.


5. Framed 

 Framed is a unique puzzle game with great visuals and an engaging story! It’s a comic book adventure inspired by film noir. This is one of the best puzzle games for iOS.  

Furthermore, the story is told like the boards of a comic book, but they are all mixed together and you will have to put them in the correct order to move forward.


6. The Impossible Letter 

 The Impossible Letter is not your average puzzle game. This program is best on your eyesight, possibly driving you crazy. In addition, on a screen full of letters, you must locate the letter that does not match. 

It’s easy to learn but hard to master, and it will get you through the time. Also, this game is potentially addictive, so be careful.This one best choice of puzzle games for iPhone.


7. World of Goo

 One of the App Store’s earliest puzzle games remains one of its best. World of Goo perfected the bridge-building style of the physics-based game when it launched on the Wii and desktop, but it never quite felt at home compared to the iPad and iPhone. 

 Players slide adorable humanoid glue balls to create structures that, although difficult, hope to stand the test of time.


8. Brain test 

 One of my biggest pet thieves with puzzle games is that they often become one-dimensional. Puzzles can get boring and stop offering new challenges. Brain test: Tricky Puzzles are exactly the opposite. 

The game has many puzzles that will force you to think outside the box. These puzzles may require the most basic of common sense or may push you to think beyond the limits of simple logical reasoning.


9. Build your bridge 

 Do you think you will be good at bridge construction and general engineering concepts? Build a Bridge. The goal is to build bridges for different vehicles like cars, buses and trucks. 

To make the game more challenging, unique vehicles like monster trucks are also available.


10. Black Box

This game tries to do something different with the puzzle genre. You may have heard every game to make this claim. However, Blackbox kept its promise. The game makes full use of the phone’s capabilities. 

Besides the usual taps, scrolls and swipes, Blackbox makes you think of many other ways to solve puzzles. Some may require you to use unconventional methods such as calling your friends or inspiring you.


11. Im-A-Puzzle

Featuring one of the largest puzzle libraries online, Im-A-Puzzle features thousands of high definition jigsaws that include architecture, art, nature, and even user uploaded images.

Additionally, the website offers game modes in several difficulties, making it the perfect game for puzzle lovers. 

Visit the site on your desktop or through iOS browsers.



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