10 Best Tools to Rewrite Content in 2022

Content rewriting has become necessary for a lot of content writers. Due to the sheer amount of material that needs to be written on a regular basis, content writers frequently find themselves swamped by work.

This impacts their quality of life and can have adverse effects on their mental health. However, writers can employ content optimization tools such as article rewriters that can help them create fresh content easily.

We are going to look at ten such tools in this post. Keep reading to find the best tools that suit your needs.

10 Best Tools to Rewrite Content

1. Articlerewriter

Articlerewriter.net is one of the most useful rewriting tools available. It has three modes of rewriting. They are called:

  • Sentence Changer
  • Word Changer
  • Plagiarism Remover

The names of these modes pretty much explain what they do.

The “Sentence changer” replaces phrases with their relevant synonyms while the “Word changer”does the same with words. The plagiarism remover changes anything that is required (even entire paragraphs) to remove duplication from the article.

These modes provide much utility, and different writers can use them for their specific needs.

This tool is free to use and requires no registration. However, free users can only rewrite up to 1100 words.

2. H-supertools

H-supertools.com article rewriter is a great tool for writers. It does not come with multiple paraphrasing modes like the previous tool. But it does a good job of rewriting any content that you provide it with.

This tool changes not only words and phrases but also the sentence structures (in some cases). This results in a considerably changed article compared to the original. The good thing about the rewrites is that passive voice is kept to a minimum and the word choices are satisfactory. Obscure words are not used in order to keep the readability of the text adequate.

This tool is free to use, requires no registration, and best of all, it allows you to rewrite up to 10,000 characters on each use.

3. Prepostseo

Prepostseo article rewriter is an extraordinary tool that allows you to rewrite articles using three free modes and one paid mode. The modes are as follows:

  • Standard
  • Fluency
  • Advanced
  • Creative (Premium Only)

The standard mode is just a very simple synonym replacer. The Advanced mode is much better as it allows the user to make changes in the rewritten text and customize it to their liking.

Fluency mode is the real star here. It makes the text more readable and it also does not make grammatical mistakes that article rewriters sometimes make.

Creative mode is just anenhanced version of Fluency mode. It makes more changes than the Fluency mode but it is also only available to premium users.

The tool is free to use, requires no registration, and supports multiple languages as well.

4. Articlesrewriter

This is another tool for rewriting articles. It does not offer multiple modes unlike some other tools on this list. But this only means that you have a little bit less control of the output.

The tool does a passable job of rewriting. It changes words here and there, and it also changes the order of some sentences. However, the end result is still recognizable as the original.

The changes made are good but they are too little. The good thing about the tool is that there are no grammar mistakes in the output.

The tool is free to use, allows you to check up to 6,000 characters, and does not require an account either.

5. Smartseotools

Smartseotools.org provides a free article rewriter tool. This tool is particularly good as it can literally rewrite an entire article unlike a lot of tools on this list.

That is so because most tools only allow you to rewrite 2,000 words. This tool, however, allows you to rewrite 7,500 words. That is a very large number, especially considering that this is a free tool.

The quality of the rewriting is nothing to scoff at either. The results are coherent, readable, and they make sense. The meaning is largely unchanged as well.

The tool changes the tone, words, and phrases of the original text to rewrite it in a new way.

The tool is free and does not require an account.

6. Frase

Frase.io provides you with a great paragraph rewriter tool. As the name suggests it cannot rewrite entire articles but only paragraphs.

The word limit is 400 words per query. The quality of the rewriting is acceptable. The tool changes words, sentences, sentence order, and structure to rewrite the content.

The final output is a considerably different text. You can set the level of creativity (1-5) before rewriting and that affects the output.

Increasing the creativity to level four or five makes the final output very irrelevant to the original. Keeping the creativity level to three and below ensures that the content stays relevant while being sufficiently changed.

7. Asmallseotools

Asmallseotool.com article rewriter is just as good, if not better, as its competitors. This tool allows you to rewrite articles of any length. There is no upper limit to how long of an article you can rewrite.

This tool replaces words with their synonyms and it replaces some phrases as well. The output of the rewriting is substantially different from the input text.

The result is coherent and easy to read. The sentences make sense and are grammatically correct.

The only downside to this tool is that it is difficult to compare the input and output as the changes made are not highlighted in any way.

The tool is free to use, has no word limits, and requires no registration.

8. Ref-n-write

Ref-n-write is a great rewriting tool that is designed to be used by researchers…according to the website.

The quality of rewriting is very good and it is also extremely easy to see any changes that were made.

The changes are shown by highlighting the original text in red and striking it through while the new version is highlighted in green right next to it.

The tool has a free trial version available that only lets you rewrite a few lines. If you sign up for it, then you can use the full version for fifteen days, and then you have to pay 30 GBP for lifetime access.

9. Essay-editor

The Essay-editor.net essay editor is a nifty tool that can rewrite any text that you provide to it.

The name may only allude to essays but it is by no means limited to them. The tool changes words and phrases to reword the text. All the changes made are highlighted in the cyan-colored text.

You can change anything in the final output by clicking on the highlighted words. A new window below the output will show more suggestions that you can use.

This makes it easy to compare the input and output as well as customize the results to your liking.

The tool is free to use and requires no registration.

10. Linguix

Linguix is a rewriter tool that comes bundled with a built-in grammar checker. This tool works by rewriting each sentence separately.
You write or paste your content in the input box and then select the parts that you want to rewrite.

The tool will offer multiple suggestions for each sentence and you can choose the version you like best. The rewritten parts are colored in green and this makes it easy to spot all the changes.

You have to go through all the sentences one by one, which can make the process a bit tedious. However, the end result is worth it.

The only other downside is that you need to create an account to be able to rewrite a substantial amount because the trial version only lets you rewrite five sentences at a time.


And these were ten of the best content rewriting tools available. All of these tools were either completely free or had free trials.

With the exception of two tools, all the others did not require registration either. This makes these tools very accessible.

Coupled with simple and minimalistic UIs, these tools were very easy to use. Keeping all of these qualities in mind, it can be concluded that these tools are incredibly helpful for content writers.

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