Top 10 Interactive Web Tool for teachers and students 

In the field of education, most of the things went online. It would be very easy for anyone to understand. But both teachers and students were in search of new tools on websites to keep everything on track. 

So in this article I am going to give you the best 10 application tools that would definitely help you to make an interactive platform. Let’s have a look..

1. Edmodo

It is the first interactive tool that helps both teachers and students with many useful settings. Teachers can connect to the students through this tool and it is connected to social networks to share the tasks effectively.

Teachers can make separate groups with labels and monitor them. You can provide materials, teach online, assign tasks and many more things are there. 

2. Wabisabi

This tool helps in providing a good interactive and collaborative platform for both teachers and students. 

You can provide materials, assign tasks and real time reporting about standards. It serves it’s best as an interactive tool for many users around the world.

3. Socrative

If you are searching for the tool which was developed by entrepreneurs and engineers who are passionate about education, this is the best tool for you. Unlike other tools it is having a unique feature of gaming. Teachers can create interesting games with education for your students.

Your students can solve them on any device. Teachers can monitor every result to make students active and on track towards their goal.

4. TEDEd

This tool has every feature that includes online teaching and records of those lectures. Students are provided with extra settings that they can watch the lectures at any time to clear your doubt and to review it. 

Teachers can assign groups with your students and can monitor them with their performance. 

5. Focus Booster

As the name indicates it makes the students to be productive and focused on studies. Here teachers can create and assign tasks to your students with deadlines. 

This makes students to get more active towards their goal. They can even make a flow sheet or graph or chart to show their performance.

6. PearDeck

This is an application like Google meet or Zoom app. Here you can teach with your presentation or live class. The advantage over here is, you can ask questions in between the class to keep your students engaged. 

The additional feature is, teachers can assign tasks to students and even make them taking webinars to improve their skills.

7. VideoScribe

Make your lessons and lectures more attractive by adding more animations on white board. You can even add music, videos and images. 

Learning would become fun with this tool. It also helps in monitoring your students like other applications.

8. Thinglink

This is also like videoScribe, which allows you to create your own lessons with the same book content. Here you can add more images and video clips to make good and better understanding for students.

The additional settings is, you can share your presentation or lecture through social networks with a single click. This can enhance the process of learning.

9. Participate

Depending on two sites for searching and sharing? No need here after. Here is a powerful tool that helps teachers to create groups with labels and they can perform online search on Google within this website to share it with your students.

You can make live records of your student’s performance. This application is a good and better platform for both teachers and students.

10. Kahoot

This is based on fun learning because here, teachers can create questions and polls to your students to make a healthy competition among them. 

This presentation can be hosted at classrooms to make a fun and interactive mode of education. 


Education is more important for everyone. So make it as fun so that no one can resist it.I have given the best 10 applications, so you can pick the best one from that. 

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