How to get Chicken Dinner in Pubg Zombie Mode

Since zombie mode launched on PUBG Mobile on February 19, 2019, do you play often in this mode?

You can play zombie mode with 3 of your friends, against zombies and other players. In addition to the added game modes, this latest update also provides new items and masks that you can use.

Playing in this zombie mode is not easy, you have to face other players and zombies that are chasing you.

But Techholicz has a simple chicken dinner trick in the mobile zombie mode of PUBG. Come and see more!

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Chicken dinner tricks in zombie mobile mode by PUBG

This trick is a step to get a chicken dinner more easily. However, go back to yourself to get a victory.

In zombie mode there are 2 nights you have to spend. Then, the safe area will be reduced as usual. There you have to fight against other players.

1. Use the shotgun

use shot gun

Well, maybe Mobile PUBG players rarely use the shotgun in combat because the shooting distance is close. However, different stories with guys in zombie mode.

You are better prepared to fight zombies with a shotgun. You can kill ordinary zombies with a shotgun shot.

In the same way, with other great zombies, it is easier to fight against them with this shotgun weapon. Except fighting zombies that have shields, guys.

2. Use a car at night

use the car at night

The first trick is to use the car at night in zombie mode, you can crush all the zombies that exist without any effort.

But you must remember to bring gas when you use a car too. In case the gas runs out in the middle of the night.

3. Defeat the Tyrant for a good loot

defeat tyrant for a good loot

Well, maybe you all already know that the replacement booty is Tyrant or Mr. X. So by defeating this Tyrant, you can also be presented with a variety of good items, guys.

Even beating Tyrant is pretty easy if you fight with a team. Especially if you already have Flamethrower and M134, defeating a Tyrant is not a difficult thing.

Also, you should never try to hit Tyrant with a car, as it will actually hurt you.

4. Enter the water when invaded by zombies

enter into the water

The following is the trick you use if you do not want to fight zombies that chase you in the night, guys. Quite easy, just by entering the water, the zombies will not chase you again.

However, you must keep moving in the water because there are zombies that can throw a green liquid and can hurt you.

This trick is more appropriate if you do not have enough weapons to fight against zombies.

5. Landed in the RPD building

enter into the water

The last thing to do is get off at the Resident Evil RPD building location. Inside, you can meet a special enemy that is G (Stage 1) that will reward you with special weapons such as M134.

On top of that, you will also get a lot of good loot at this location. However, you should be careful with other players who also come to this location, guys.

The location of the RPD building is also easy to find, but it often changes places. The RPD building is often seen around the cities of Rozhok, Mansion and Pochinki. You can see the exact location in the folder that Techholicz has provided.

End of the word

That’s the easy trick for Chicken Dinner in the mobile zombie mode of PUBG. By doing the previous trick, Techholicz can guarantee you at least 10 large types.

You have other tricks that can make chicken dinner easier, you can write in the comments.

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