Clash Of Clans COC Mod Apk (v 14.0.12) Download 2022 – Unlimited Gems, Coins

If you are Clash of Clans lover and looking for Moded Clash of Clan application, So currently you are reading this blog, it means that you are in right place. I hope you might have tried many tips and tricks to hack clash of clans, but the end you might have ended up in failure. So don’t worry, Here is the genuine Clash of clans Moded Apk. Now you can generate unlimited coins, Elixir and many more. Continue reading this blog and get to know the trick.

So here is the COC Update Mod apk, I have mentioned latest version of Clash of clans TH 12 update mod file, Here you can get all the resources unlimited like coins, elixir, you can train unlimited warriors and build a great kingdom and rule the world.

So here to use this clash of clans moded apk 2019 file, you don’t need any rooted phone, It will work on all android devices, Just be patient and follow the steps. If you craze enough to build town hall with higher level, if it is taking time to reach the town hall higher level, just use this COC modded apk and build you the awesome kingdom.

This Clash of clans hack has lot of features, where you can use all the resources for free.

So are you ready? Are you excited? So let’s move on and explore the mod hack.
Note: Read the installation guide completely and follow the steps properly, downloading just mod file might end up in installation failure, there are certain steps to be followed before downloading the apk file. So make sure that you read the guide completely

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Clash of Clans COC Hack 2021 Guide

If you are new to the Clash of Clans, you can download here. It might be in the very rare case that you wouldn’t have played. I will straight away jump to the hacking concept, instead of explaining what COC is?
You might have searched for COC mod in many various blogs, and other youtube videos to get mod apk’s, those videos might be required to rooted phone or might be manipulation and trolling innocent users. So it won’t be the same here. You will genuine Clash of Clans Mod Hack app here without any terms and condition, you can download directly here.
So let’s explore further details.

Advantages of Clash Of Clans Latest Hack Mod:

Unlimited Elixir in COC


As you know to upgrade your Barracks or troops you need to have more elixir, Are you worried about limited elixir? So no more worries. To get more elixir download this mod file and upgrade your barracks and troops. And build your kingdom with upgraded and more features.

Unlimited Gems in COC


Sounds crazy right? In Clash of Clans Store, you need to pay real cash to get gems, since gems can buy anything like gold coins, any upgraded tools etc. So in this case also you need not worry because you can get unlimited gems too.

Unlimited Dark Elixir in COC


Dark elixir is used to upgrade heroes, troops. In the non-mod COC game, you need to be very patient enough to earn dark elixir because it will consume hell out of time to generate.

Unlimited Gold Coins

gold coins

Ideally gold coins can be earned by attacking enemy bases and earn gold coins, it is actually time-consuming. Now in COC mod hack you need not worry about it because you going to get unlimited gold coins and spend unlimited coins to build your bases.


Specifications of Clash Of Clans Mod Apk:

Details of Clash of Clans Mod 2021
NameClash of Clans Apk Mod
Size109 MB
PlatformAndroid 4.0+
Mod TypeUnlimited Everything
Last Update April 19, 2021

Special Add On’s in COC Mod Hack:

  • Unlimited Buildings, Heroes, Kings, and Queens.
  • Attack the enemy bases with upgraded warriors like Raged Barbarian, Boxer Giant, Cannon Cart, Bomber, etc.
  • Build Battling Equipment with upgraded power.
  • You can start your clan and invite friends or join a group of existing players to Clash of clans
  • You can fight against online players.
  • You can also plan battle strategies with unlimited combinations of Elixir, spells, troops, and Heroes.
  • You will be having access to special entry in friendly Challenges and special events.
    In COC Mod there is no limit for training troops with various levels of upgrades with unusual powers.

How to Download Clash of Clans Mod APK for Android 2022

  1. Please follow these steps carefully here involves all tips to get COC Mod Hack.
  2. The first step you need to download the COC latest mod from below button

Download Clash of Clans Mod APK

  1. Now before installing the COC Mod game, you need to uninstall the old non-mod game and also take the backup of the game.
  2. You need to also enable the installation from an unknown source. This option is available under security settings.
  3. Install the COC mod apk file and open it.
  4. Yoo, you finally installed it.
  5. Next, open the moded installed game and start building your dream kingdom which you couldn’t do it in the normal game.

User Reviews

Very interesting game but one thing is so lazy that why Only 5 builder we got it Why don’t get it 6,7,8,9 after getting 5 builders we got 1000 gems What should we use it ? It’s so loss my hard working like wise on time😓’

This is my personal favorite game ever since I was a child. Every time I’m bored I come back to this game. This makes me feel so better than anything other. This game is just so fun that I can’t resist myself. That’s why it deserves 5 stars. Every 2016-2017’s kid shall relate with me. Just make the ⌚ for the upgrades a little short

Supercell, There are many whom Supercell code are stolen and others player are playing with their bases. My id is also played by other player. I am very frustrated because he comes and cancel my upgrade, abuse in my clan and even more. I am requesting to add a feature log out from all devices in COC or in help and support. Many players will get help from this. Thank you.

Its really a great game I have been playing this for almost 3 years. Well done supercell great work but there is one thing I must say Clash of clans developer please add day and Night cycle in the village the game will look pretty awesome.

This game is sometimes so frustrating. Like I would be in the middle of attacking, and suddenly the network error signal comes on even if my network is fine. It would let me continue the attack but later if I check again, I would see that the attack did not continue and I lost the battle even if I won. Just fix this. Lost so many battles because if this issue.

Hey supercell I want new updates for builder base . Every time you give the update for only home village. My first update, I want every building in level 10 in builder base . My second update, I want three new troops like wizard, goblins, Valkyrie, etc. My third update for builder base, I want end battle button before starting battle in builder base.

This game is pretty good I like it because I show my strategy used my full brain 🧠🧠 and then I sleep because I was tied. no way! That was a joke 😂 I used a simple brain and three star attacks this game is good because we did competition with base upgrading means who max the dark spirits.

Very good game of strategy. Please add a option for upgrading building by using multi-builder, even if it takes a lot of gold/elixir/gems for us.

This is a great game and funny and also I enjoy this game, but when we attack we got maximum 5k dark elixir only so upgrading king and queen is very difficult , but this game is very super and fantastic . Keep clashing!!

Trophy system of this games is horrible, I am trophy pushing and I had attacked a base which was offering 16 trophies if I had taken 3 stars but I took only 1 but with 95 percent destruction, and I got only 5 trophies. That is not good!!! I should had got at least 10 trophies but I got only 5. You should improve this system. I am a th9 in crystal 1.

A Best Long Lasting Play & Very Impressive Game While Attacking Or To Plan Or Make Strategies For Enemies Bases to Attack. We Can Make New Friends in This Game & Also we Can Make Clan Of Our Friends Group to Play Together 🤗.This Game is One Of Best Game Till now I’m Thankful to Supercell to Make this Game🙏I Really Loved it & Once Again Thank you.

I am very excited to play this game for the first time it looks like a noob game but when I know about this it’s strategies it’s op functions it’s two time separation on day base and one night base it’s looks like op things and it makes me happy and such a great game i say to it and it’s troops look funny 👌👌👌👌

This game is really so appreciating. Where we need to use our brain for attacking the base or make our base strong. I am hoping u only for 3 star ratings because there is much problem my COC profile is (jigmet gonpapa) my TH level is 12. I had tried to be in legend league in these season but i have only reached at Titan 1st and when i am searching for battle i am getting a opponents base with max or semi max th14 and the trophies are such 4 or5 more then that. Supercell please check the problem.


Clash of clans modded apk will help you to play the game uninterrupted, The above-modded app is tuned with a programming language, and for this app we are not responsible if any problem occurs, Just use the COC modded apk and enjoy the game. If you have any problems or feedback regarding the app, you can comment down below.

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  1. I always was wondering what if i get unlimited coins, and gems. It would be insane, here i found the trick, This is really awesome.

  2. Checked the mod apk of coc , this is good, but it actually ruins the actual gaming experience, there is nothing to do if everything is unlimited it will be boring.

  3. Ultimately COC is legendry clash royale games, Can you also please share clash royale mod game apk. It would be great if you do.

  4. Wow this is amazing felt so good after downloading this mod apk file. Most download game in the playstore. Thanks for posting this. I can rule COC kingdom now.

  5. Thanks for sharing this, I was very eagerly waiting for this Clash of cland mod apk, finally i found genuine direct link to download, now i can get unlimited gold coins, unlimited elixer.

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