Big Little Farmer MOD Apk (v1.8.9 ) 2022 Download (Latest)

Big little farmer mod APK offline farm, as the name suggests is an offline farming game that helps you enhance your farming skills as well as management skills. Offered by Innovation Drive Studios, it is one of the few farming games that works as perfectly in the offline mode as in the online mode. You can play the game without the need of any Wi-Fi or network connection all day long.

The game is one of its kind. It lets you handle a few businesses simultaneously like garments, poultry farming, bakery, etc. in terms of farming, the game lets you grow and take care of various crops such as cotton, corn, wheat, rice, etc. On top of that, the player gets to experience a peaceful country-side life and decorate your virtual farm as your own. You are also responsible for the caretaking of your animals by feeding them from time-to-time so that they can yield good quality products.

Build your own farm, explore your wishes being a virtual farmer

Big Little Farmer MOD Apk Features

Big Little Farmer MOD Apk (v1.8.9 ) 2022 Download (Latest) 1

  • The only offline farming game available currently (claimed by its developers).
  • Various decorations to beautify your dreamland.
  • Take care of your cattle and animals.
  • Manage dairy farms.
  • Plant fresh crops.
  • Cook delicious food.
  • Big family barn.
  • Full HD graphics with detailed character animations.
  • Suitable for all screen sizes.
  • Intuitive controls.
  • Multi-language support.
  • The more you harvest, the more you unlock and the more you gain experience.

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Since the game is available in offline mode, the save states and game data is not stored in the cloud and thus, the user will lose the data the moment game data is deleted, or the device is reset or changed. The developer’s team is working on restoring the game data in the forthcoming updates.


APK Requirements

  • Android version 4.1 or higher required.
  • 81 MB of storage required.
  • NO need of an internet connection (woohoo!!).

APK Details

Current Version1.8.9
Free to install with In-app purchases₹60 to ₹650

We offer you the MOD Apk of this awesome game. The MOD allows you to hack the In-app purchases as well as gain unlimited coins and gems so as to allow you a smooth and obstruction-less experience.

MOD Features

  • In-app purchases made free (or hacked).
  • Unlimited coins.
  • Unlimited gems.

Steps to install the Big Little Farmer MOD Apk

  • Click on the Download button below to download the Big Little Farmer MOD.apk file.
  • Save the Apk in your Phone storage or onto the memory card.
  • Install the Apk (you need to Allow Unknown App Permission before installing the apk file)
  • After installing, open the installed MOD Apk.
  • Enjoy!!

Steps to Allow Unknown Sources

  • Go to main menu.
  • Open the Settings
  • Go to
  • Check the Unknown Sources
  • Click Allow This will let you install an apk file from a source other than your default app store.

Download Big Little farmer mod apk

User Reviews

Just love this game I can go at my own pace and I love the ads to help get me gems please don’t change nothing I have played many of farm games and got mad because you can’t go nowhere and I have been playing this one for like 2 months now update I had to uninstall your game because your new update will not allow me to play it makes me very sad but it was fun while it lasted😢😢😢😢

I love this game so much and been playing for a year and half and my first download at level 47 but got deleted and have started again. No problem at first game. But now that I download and start again and even purchasing on app and supporting videos to support who made this because I love this game. I have problem on my wont add up and i cant level up if its not gonna work.

Got to level 16 and 8 of my crop plots froze with a crop on it. But unusuable.. fun till then. the only thing I’d change is the length of times things take to manifest. seems kinda random to someone who has worked a farm, Otherwise love the concept and it’s a pretty good game offline.

I love the idea that this game can be played offline since i just had my phones off for awhile it really gave me something to do during that time. i look forward to seeing more products being added and more decorations too.

Lots of fun! Can’t stop playing…wish I had the option of buying extra makers cause I never have enough butter or cheese. Waiting to see what is coming soon on the water. I’ve gotten just about everything else and can’t expand anymore.

Easy to play. Barn gets full too fast and its hard to get enough axes especially when you need to remove fruit trees for space for more. And I know you can sell barn stuff but then you don’t have enough of what you need for your achievements.

LOVE THIS OFFLINE/ONLINE GAME! VERY ADDICTIVE 🙂 AND NOW YOU CAN SAVE PROGRESS..WOOHOO..try it you will love it too. (Only downside to obtain gems quickly you need data or wifi to watch ads 2 gems per 30sec ad.) should be 5gems per ad my opinion data & Wi-Fi are expensive. Happy Gaming all. 🙂

Has a barn/silo sell feature instead of roadside stand. Cute little game. A little hard for a little farmer to handle without proper reading skills.

Very nice farming game. Runs nice and smooth no sticking or pausing. I’m enjoying myself a lot with this game. 🥰

Final Words

All in all, the game is really an addictive one which will not let you leave your mobile phones even for a little time. So, enjoy the game and experience the amazing farming adventure and unleash the farmer within you. Keep playing. Cheers. Enjoy.

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