Destiny 2 Obsidian Accelerator Guide-A clear guide with all information

On the off chance that you’ve completed – or gotten sensibly far in – the Destiny 2 Baffling Box journey, you’ve additionally gotten the Fate 2 Puzzling Datapad. The weapons from the Black Armory are pretty sweet, but if you want to power them up even further, you’ll need to get the Obsidian Accelerator in Destiny 2. If you are curious about the guide just have a look on this article.

Get the Obsidian Accelerator

All alone, the Obsidian Quickening agent isn’t extremely helpful, we need to get it since exchanging the thing to Ada-1 will restore the Obsidian Brilliance, a ground-breaking Adornment that will support any of your Dark Ordnance weapons.To get the Obsidian Quickening agent in Predetermination 2, you have to make a beeline for and complete the Bergusia Fashion. This is the main spot you’re ready to get it, so ensure you meet the necessary force level of approximately 650 preceding heading in.


The Obsidian Quickening agent isn’t an ensured drop from the Bergusia Produce, thus far as should be obvious, there aren’t any methods of boosting your odds. Set forth plainly, you have to granulate the Bergusia Produce to get Obsidian Quickening agents in Predetermination 2.

In case you’re in the market for an Obsidian Quickening agent and still have a Colorful or two to fight, it’s conceivable to get one because of finishing the Izanagi’s Weight sharpshooter rifle conundrum that the Baffling Datapad in the weapon mission itself gives you. This one includes finishing a question in the Niobe Labs and afterward destroying every one of the four Produces – Volundr, Gofannon, Izanami, and Bergusia – while you have Dark Ordnance defensive layer and weapons prepared. You’ll acquire another Quickening agent which can be exchanged to Ada-1 according to regular for an Obsidian Brilliance.

The main ensured Obsidian Quickening agent in the game is from the Izanagi’s Weight mission, so you can finish that to complete one on the off chance that you haven’t it yet. At the point when you get one, you can proceed to visit Ada-1 in the Pinnacle Extension, and exchange the Quickening agent for the Brilliance.


Now you got your guide to get the Obsidian Accelerator for Ada-1, it should be no time at all until you have the materials necessary to get your Obsidian Radiance and have your Black Armory weapons firing on all cylinders. 


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