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When you are waiting to install Garageband and you are not sure how to make it operate for you on your Windows PC / Laptop, here is the perfect tutorial for you. Users also ask if they can start investing in GarageBand synchronization with a mobile device to communicate with their smartphone and MacBook.

Garageband is indeed a famous musical application that is accessible on the iOS OS. If you want to know how to get Garageband for Windows PC, then read this post. We will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to allow Garageband work on Windows PC, how to download it, and how to use the program as well.

With its revolutionary technology, GarageBand software has revolutionized the arena of music. The GarageBand software is a music and instrument software created exclusively for iOS devices.

This software is ideal for music enthusiasts and is filled with a variety of creative tools to make the right music for various uses. Using it is pretty seamless. It’s one of Apple’s Favorite applications. 

Sadly, there’s no approved GarageBand application or program for Windows PC. To devices apart from those focused on iOS, Apple has not launched any edition of this. You may be desperately trying to find an approved edition of GarageBand which you can use on your Windows PC but it is all in doubt so you can spare your attempts. Yet there is one ray of hope behind every storm. There are plenty of ways to utilize GarageBand on Windows PC.

Now, as you may ask, what are the perks of downloading GarageBand for Windows PC?

Users can use a computer keyboard or perhaps a digital keyboard to link to the GarageBand app with a USB cable. You can collect, stream, catch, and upload your music worldwide with GarageBand, which offers multi-touch apps and also control options for DJ-style live groove cells such as filters, repeaters, and vinyl scratching. The design is incredibly basic and comprehensible. To build a uniquely amazing vocal track or album, you could use this app. This feature suits music experts perfectly.

Method 1

  1. Download Andy, then launch it. Try to ensure the Virtualization is allowed in the BIOS settings, as well as ensure that the new video drivers are downloaded on your PC.
  2. Open Andy and finish the signup process and the same would be done in case the individual does have a Google Account.
  3. Launch Google Play, look up GarageBand, and download.
  4. The GarageBand program is ready to use after enabled, and the individual can now take advantage of all the appealing functionality of this program from the PC.

Just note you’ll stumble upon different online approaches for operating GarageBand on a Windows PC. Nevertheless, certain protocols can be too difficult to obey, whilst others may be dangerous and inefficient.

Method 2

This is a more elaborate method, but you could give it a try by following the steps below.

  1. You will firstly have to install and run VMWare Player
  2. Download SIERRA 3 from Mac OS 
  3. Install and activate VMWare from the official website
  4. Using WinRar to have the folder that is macOS.
  5. Locate the “Win-install” program, now right-click the “Run as Administrator” extension
  6. Click on macOS Sierra → macOS Sierra 10.12 tools → Final YouTube Folder → Unlocker208.
  7. The next step is a prompt for commands. 
  8. Get to your computer, launch VMWare and press Open VirtualMachine open.
  9. Next, press macOS Sierra → macOS Sierra 10.12 tools → Final YouTubeFolder → unlocker208.
  10. Select “Edit the Virtual Machine Settings” after clicking, and afterward, click on it to pick the correct quantity of processor value.
  11. On VMWare, pick the RAM you would like to use, and press OK. Do that with half what your PC has, to be stable.
  12. Launch VMWare on your Computer and then press “Virtual Machine Play” The Apple logo should show and the startup display that could take a couple of minutes to load.

You’ve attempted to recreate Mac up to this level, ensuring you’ve got a “MacBook” on your Windows Desktop now. So, you’ve got what’s a digital MacBook now so all that’s left is actually enable GarageBand. For further details and instruction, visit Launch the Appstore, search GarageBand, pick the search result and you’ll be able to start loving all of the functionality that arrive with that too.


GarageBand is a specialist music producer application used among artists of prominence. On Windows, the GarageBand is just as successful as on iOS devices. You may have realized that this feature is so overwhelming. Apple doesn’t seem to be really planning to introduce this application either on the Windows/Android platform.

When you’re willing to use GarageBand on your Mac, you’ll need to find some alternative solutions. While their features and usefulness are not assured, the majority of these techniques are secure. But, just go online and check them out. And how they are going to work for you. Let us know in the comments section below!

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