FFXIV Crafter Guide

Before we are discussing the FFXIV crafter guide you have to know how crafting works? It’s not as simple as having ingredients, choosing a recipe, and crafting it. FFXIV’s crafting system is almost mathematical at times, but don’t let that scare you off. If you’re really stuck with the mechanics, there are plenty of other players who find the best crafting methods and share them with the community. 

 The main important thing in crafting is you have to learn a crafting log.  As you level up, you’ll unlock a new recipe page every time you reach a level that ends in 3 or 8. In general, you can create your own recipes higher than 5 levels. 

It should be noted that if you are a free trial player, you do not have access to the market table. This means you’ll have to balance everything and gather the documents yourself (unless you have a very generous friend sign up).

1. Blacksmith

 It works with a lot of metal, the best smithing players also choose the Miner collection class. Blacksmith class crafts for some battle classes such as pugilists/priests, marauders/warriors, mechanics and gladiators/knights.With their guild located in Limsa Lominsa. 

2. Carpenter

They use a ton of wood, players facing Carpenter should also choose the Botanist collecting class. This class can make furniture and a variety of equipment for classes. For example, they can craft fishing rods for anglers, shields for gladiators/knights, masks for charmers, and grindstones for Goldsmiths

3. Goldstones

They can craft weapons and equipment for various types such as ice swords for magicians/dark magicians, hora for pugilists/monks and needles for weavers. Like blacksmiths, goldsmiths are best associated with the mining class. 

4. Leatherworker

Leather Workers have the advantage of being able to produce something for everyone in the game. That means their main customers will be the Disciples of War character classes. This included a large number of players of different caste types.

5. Weaver

The Weaver have different levels and it is located in the bustling city of Ul’dah and this city is considered the most important city in the FFXIV world.They can make tons of varieties for all. They can craft clothes such as capes, shirts, ribbons, tags, and pants.

6. Armorer

Armorers specialize in armor crafting, mainly for tanks and physical DPS work. They can also make frying pans for bakeries. Armorer is the best for the crafting classes in Final Fantasy XIV. An Armorer is very important for any player who wants to join the fight

7. Culinarian

They craft food that can give the player a boost for a period of time. Unlike other classes, they don’t make any equipment. They are best paired with the Fisher collection class.The Culinarian (CUL) is one of eight character classes in Final Fantasy XIV’s complex crafting/harvesting system.

8. Alchemist

Alchemist specializes in crafting consumables such as potions, elixirs, and other remedies and buffs. They can also craft weapons for white magicians and summoners, and they can make orchestral scrolls. They strongly influence your aggregator success rate. Here’s a quick overview:

Control: Affect the amount of quality achieved when you use actions to increase quality in the synthesis. More control means you have a better chance to build a HQ ship. 

Strengths: Affects HQ chance of Blacksmith’s main tool and Armorer’s secondary tool. Dexterity: Affects HQ chance of Goldsmith and Weaver primary tools and Carpenter’s secondary tools.

Vitality: Affects the HQ chance of the Carpenter, Tailor, and Leathersmith’s main tools.

Intelligence: affects HQ chance for Alchemist’s main tool and Goldsmith and Carpenter’s secondary tool. 

Mind : Affects the HQ chance for the chef’s main tool and the blacksmith and weaver’s secondary tool. 

Piety : Affects the HQ chance of Alchemist and Cook’s secondary tools. Once you select a recipe, you can start synthesizing.

The wildly successful MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV has no shortage of content for players.So, for players who enjoy the thrill of crafting gear and items, here’s the Final Fantasy XIV crafting guide.Some are cheaper, but they take longer. 

How you level your artisans depends on the amount of money in the game and your patience. It should be noted that if you are a free trial player, you do not have access to the market table. This means you will have to level everything yourself and collect the documents yourself. 

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