Xbox One Co-op Games

The Xbox One game is developed by Microsoft and these games are best for communicating online with your best friends or anyone. Sharing the gaming experience with your best friend or your loved ones will be really fun.

The great thing about co-op games is that you can frequently choose between local and online play.If you are looking for games that can be played on xbox? Here, we will discuss Xbox’s best games and choose your favourite. 

1. Hazelight Studios 

 Hazelight Studios is a best Xbox coop game. Its first title, A Way Out, can only be played in co-op, split-screen, or online.In this game the player is in the role of two criminals planning and executing a prison break. 

While each player usually performs different tasks, the objectives you will complete definitely help your teammates progress and vice versa. It’s a great experience that is really a teamwork, and because the two roles are different, you can replay it a second time and swap characters. 

2. Borderlands

 Borderlands is one of the best choices for xbox coop games fans who want to play with friends or family. While many shooters don’t offer co-op campaigns (offline or online), the Borderlands is great for co-op and even supports four-player split-screen. 

3. Castle Crasher

 Castle Crasher is a classic Xbox co-op game and one of the first games to actually develop on the service for Xbox 360. While it’s pretty well organized, the remake is even better. Thanks to better textures and better frame rates. In Castle Crashers, you and up to three friends play as knights on a journey to rescue princesses from an evil witch.

 The story is unremarkable (it’s more general); Castle Crashers has great gameplay and it is an upgrade system that improves your abilities as you make your way through levels filled with enemies. 

4. Destiny 2 

Much-improved features with a huge amount of content, almost all online co-op with friends and random Guardians roaming the universe. 

Teaming up with friends makes Destiny 2’s later in-game challenges much more attainable and, most importantly, more fun. Even though Destiny 2 is several years old, it still receives consistent updates and fresh content, including the recently released Witch Queen expansion. 

5. Diablo 3 

 One of the best modern action RPGs, Diablo 3 has stood the test of time. While traditionally thought of as a PC game, Diablo 3 plays exceptionally well with the controller, offering a different, more proactive feel when it comes to taking down and dodging demons with a set of skills specific to the game. The class system makes Diablo 3 even better as a cooperative game, as you and your teammates can balance each other out with unique abilities. 

6. Divinity 

 Divinity is the best Xbox One co-op game . It’s not too surprising since it is the best rated app.Original Sin 2 review, but it’s a testament to how great and original it really is. 

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is an old CRPG for a new era, featuring an extensive and detailed open world, meticulously crafted turn-based combat system with nearly limitless classes and colorful characters. Color draws you into the story that revolves around it. Online co-op supports up to four players, while local co-op is only for two players. 

7. Gears of War 

Gears of War is the best Xbox One co-op game. As a handsome remake of the first entry in the series, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition’s campaign went very well throughout the years that followed.

 It has the best and most grounded story in the series, and each long level features an intricate backdrop that showcases fine-tuned third-person shooter gameplay. 

8. Lego Marvel Collection 

 Lego Marvel Collection is a great choice for families looking for a light and xbox co-op game.  Each game supports local co-op for two players and allows you to control a variety of Marvel heroes. The Lego Travellers’ Tales set offers great pick-and-play fun, and with simple mechanics, is perfect for young children learning to string. 

9. Minecraft 

 Minecraft is popular at the moment. Either way, Minecraft is worth mentioning here, as it supports local or online split-screen multiplayer for up to four players. Creating Minecraft worlds alone is already fun, but putting the pieces together with your friends and family can be an even more fun experience. 

10. Monster Hunters 

It’s a four-player online cooperative shooter where you explore and roam space in ultra-futuristic suits, gaining new powers, abilities, and weapons along the way. That’s basically the point here, fight more things to get more gear to fight more things. Like the world’s Destinys and Monster Hunters, it’s about hunting for better shotguns and space boots. 

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