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Do you break into Flossing dance every time you are asked to dance? Or did you at least try to do the step? If yes, chances are you are a Fortnite fan. The phenomenal game has been able to grab everyone’s attention and time.

Nowadays with so many games coming up, it’s difficult to stay in the game but Fortnite has managed to do that for almost three years now. Thanks to Epic Games which has been regular with content updates, the game has changed and improved a lot over the years which has in turn helped the game to retain its position. 

What are Skins in Fortnite?

In Fortnite, players can purchase stylized weapons and outfits for their in-game avatars, which is known as Skins. These are not really integral to the game i.e. players can play with the skin that is given by default but having these cool looks by purchasing new skins helps to differentiate players, and make them look unique.

The skins cost around $8- $20. For a free game, this is a lot of money to spend on something which is not even useful in the game.

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How to Get Free Fortnite Accounts with Skins?

So you may be on the lookout for Free Fortnite accounts with Skins. If you search for Free Fortnite accounts, you will get various “Fortnite account generators” as results. Just to be clear, no accounts are generated by these websites. Instead they have a list of accounts that are hacked or given up by users, out of which you get access to one. So, you get an already existing account and not a newly generated account. 

Here are some websites that can be used to get free Fortnite Accounts with Skins:

1. Free- GG

Free gg

Free- GG is kind of a GPT website. You complete certain tasks and get rewarded for them in GPoints. The tasks are very simple like taking quizzes, playing games, watching videos, etc. For completing each task you get 0.4 to 40 GPoints.

You can also earn GPoints by referring to friends. Using these GPoints you can get various gifts, including a free Fortnite account with a lot of skins. There are various types of accounts that you can get depending on the number of skins.

To get accounts with more number of skins, you will require more GPoints. For example, for an account with 10-50 skins, you will need 10 GPoints, with 50-199 skins, you will require 30 GPoints and with more than 200 skins, you will need 50 GPoints. So, the more tasks you perform, the more points you get and as a result you get to access an account with more number of skins.

2. BugMeNot


You will be surprised but this website gives you free Fortnite accounts and even accounts of other games for free, without doing anything. So, if you don’t like performing tasks, this website is the one for you. You may wonder, how is that possible? Actually, BugMeNot allows users of their service to add new accounts for sites with free registration using disposable email addresses.

So the Fortnite accounts on the website are actually accounts added by users, like users who want to give up their account or who have stopped playing. BugMeNot just acts as an intermediary to provide you with those accounts.

To get free Fortnite accounts on BugMeNot, search for Fortnite on the website and you will get options to choose from, many of them with rare skins, a lot V Bucks, etc.

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3. Hackivo


Hackivo is a very popular website for cheats and hacks of different games. In addition to that it also provides free accounts, including those of Fortnite. You can get accounts with 500 wins, 200000 V Bucks, Many skins including Renegade Raider, Prime Twitch Gear, cosmetic items including season 4 dances, etc.

You may also get Limited Edition and Super Deluxe Fortnite accounts, if you are lucky. How do you get one? By completing surveys. The surveys are pretty simple. You will need to complete a survey to get a free Fortnite account and if you have the patience to fill out more surveys you can get access to multiple accounts with different features.

4. Gamerscrew


Gamerscrew calls itself a Free Fortnite Account Generator. Unlike some other “Fortnite account generators”, this works. Again, this website also is able to give you free accounts, because of some users who give up their accounts or give details of hacked accounts. You can get accounts with many V bucks and skins. Go to the website and click on “Click here to get yours now”.

You will be asked to select your console and select items to be loaded. In the list of items, there are four options with varying number of V Bucks and wins. All the options have unlocked Premium skins and Battle Pass. After selecting the above requirements, you have to fill a survey which will take a few minutes. Complete the survey and you will get your free Fortnite account.


Who doesn’t want their avatars to look cool? But many players don’t want to pay so much for skins. If you are one of those players, this is your chance. Try out these websites and you too will have a cool looking avatar. Did you find this article helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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