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Who doesn’t love to watch movies, hardly anyone, right? Whether it’s a 9 to 5 worker or a housewife or any given person in this world, movies are a must. Starting from children to women to oldies, there are movies for all ages and kinds of people. However, not everyone gets the pleasure of diving into their favorite genres. While most of us are way too busy working, we don’t have the right things to get a hold of our movie watchlists. And in such times, only one thing comes in handy. And those are the free movie apps, especially those for the firestick.

The go-to thing of all movie manias

So in today’s blog post, I’ve got you some best and free movie apps for your firestick. Do note that the numbering done is for representative purpose only and does not determine the standard or quality of any app. Without further delay, scroll below and check these amazing apps out.

1. CatMouse

CatMouse is another great app and has made its way into this list. This app delivers the most popular movie content and provides different genres. With HD picture and sound quality, it is a very revered choice for most users. In addition to that, being free of cost is a major plus point of this app, like many others in this list.

2. Popcornflix LLC

Popcornflix LLC is a really nice streaming platform that allows it’s viewers to watch hit films and other TV contents for free. This app is a hub of all those people who do not like paid subscriptions for watching something of their choice. Even though this app is officially available in sixty countries only, yet you can grab a hold of this from anywhere in the world.

3. Nova TV

Nova TV is a very pleasant app to be used for watching free movies on firestick. The app has it’s vast library of timeless classics to evergreen movies and TV shows which are worth watching again and again. Getting nearly updated at frequent intervals, this app never fails to give it’s customers fresh movie and show contents.

4. Kodi

The Kodi app which is free for all movie lovers, covers great and potent content of all time. It is an open source application and goes the best with Amazon Fire stick and fire TV, that too for free. All you need is just one click and right there you have all the popular genres starting from comedy to horror to thriller and romance at your fingertips.

5. BBC iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer is a free movie app for firestick and is immensely popular too. This app allows you to get access to every BBC content available there. And grants you a huge catalogue of documentaries, short films, TV programs and much more. Being a famous TV network, this app too enjoys being the top choice of people these days.

6. CyberFlix TV

CyberFlix TV is a great firestick app. And it provides premium content for free to it’s users. The number of TV shows and movies in this app is grand. And the catalogue is filled with superb collections and popular contents of all time. So it makes sure that it’s viewers are hooked and can binge watch freely. It also gives completed HD streaming when you sign in purposely.

7. Cinema APK

Cinema APK is a great and free movie app for your firestick. This app is super popular among its users and there would rarely be an individual who has not heard it’s name. It is an all in one place for the best TV shows and movies. The content range is vast in this app. And it has all sorts of genres for all kinds of viewers. Being totally firestick, it is very compatible and easy to use.

8. BeeTV

The BeeTV app is just as lovely and hardworking for it’s viewers. It is definitely one of the best free movie apps for firestick. And why not? After all, it provides watch-worthy content from all genres. The regular and timely updates done always provide you with fresh and newly curated content for you to watch. The video player is smooth and of high quality as well.

9. Titanium TV

The Titanium TV is very similar to the popular Terrarium TV. This firestick app is just as popular and welcomed like the Terranium TV app. With a really long catalogue of popular and famous films and TV shows, this app has everything which a binge watcher needs. Being easy to use and totally lightweight, this app works smoothly on all firestick, fire TV and fire stick 4K platforms.

Now watch all your favorite movies at one go

All the above mentioned apps are best and one of their kind. They have their own unique features. And are widely accepted by users. So you can select the one which suits you the best and enjoy it’s contents for free, anytime, anywhere.

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