10 Best Android Apps For Women’s/Girl Safety 2022

In today’s times, women have empowered themselves a lot. However, some haven’t been able to free themselves from the fear of being harassed or being abused. Whether it is their past trauma or the sheer fear of getting harmed, some girls do live in such misery. And today’s blog post is dedicated to them, to help them out. 

Always prioritise your safety

So here, I’ve assorted some of the best safety apps for any such women or girl out there who feels their need. These apps ensure your safety at all times. And prevent you from falling into any sort of mishappening or misfortune. Hence, without any further ado, scroll below and check those out thoroughly. 

1. RedEye Women Safety

The RedEye Women Safety Android app has a stunning rating of 4.9 on the google play store. It has about 50,000 downloads. It allows you to make calls by using your power buttons. You can even send messages with that. If you’re not feeling safe, then you can fill in your current location and your destination to alert your close ones of any danger or threat.

2. Women Safety Secured

The Women Safety Secured app is a very light Android app which has very easy control systems. The GUI of this app is nice. Again, this too has 50,000 downloads approximately. It takes your loud crying or shouting as an urgent alarm. And it alerts all your emergency contacts on time. It is a really useful app for women these days. 

3. Girl Safety

The Girl Safety app has a great 4.4 stars rating on the Google Play store. This is a very light Android app and around 1 thousand people have downloaded this app till date. It allows you to send pictures via emails. One of the best features is that it has 11 predefined messages for any emergency and you can make changes to it.

4. Complete Safety

The Complete Safety app from Safetipin is a fabulous Android app meant for the safety of women. This too has around 50,000 downloads. It has GPS location tracking and safe location directions. It also shows you pins of both safe and unsafe locations. You can find any nearby police stations or hospitals too with this. 

5. Be Safe the Women Safety

The Be Safe the Women Safety App is a decent Android app which is quite popular among people. It has around 10,000 downloads. Along with providing safety tips for women, you can inform your close ones and friends about your location. It even allows you to customize the user settings. 

6. Raksha Women Safety Alert

The Raksha Women Safety Alert app is a greatly popular Android app created by Bharatsewa.com. With a 4.1 rating on the Google Play store, it allows you to share the location with your most trusted contacts and also lets you see theirs. Even this app has around 50,000 downloads.

7. GoSafe Girl Safety

The GoSafe Girl Safety Android app is very light and is a great thing for all parents who are constantly worried for their daughter’s safety. It has a good 10,000 downloads and gives you accurate GPS location tracking. And it allows you to email any suspicious thing, for example a taxi or auto which you’re riding. 

8. Women Safety

The Women Safety app is one of the finest Android apps dedicated to the safety of all women. A total of 50,000 downloads was recorded in this app. It captures and uploads pictures from both rear and front cameras of your phone. Even a link is emailed to the pre-configured Mail Address.

9. Women Safety Bharati

The Women Safety Bharati is another powerful safety Android app for women’s safety. The best part of this app is that it is available for all women in 28 various countries like Egypt, Ghana, India etc. And it is best for women while travelling. The GPS tracker allows your friends or family to track your location in emergency times. 

10. Women Safety Totem SoS Help

The Women Safety Totem SoS Help is a decent Android app which is best suitable for emergency cases. It allows you to contact any nearby ambulance, fire Brigade or police stations as well and gives safety tips. With around 50,000 downloads, it lets you add your personal contacts for help in needed times. 

Take charge of yourself, ladies

All the apps mentioned here are really useful and decent ones. However, do note that all of these apps are arranged in a random manner. And the numbers assigned are just for representative purposes, so that to put them in an orderly manner. Therefore, feel free to go through all of these, and then choose the one which best matches your needs. Stay safe.

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