10 Best Cooking Games for Android 2022

Do you enjoy cooking a lot? Then you might really enjoy these lovely cooking games out there. So in today’s blog post, I’ve got you some of the best cooking games for all Android users. The bonus is, even the iOS users can play most of these games. So what are you waiting for? Let’s cook. 

Now enjoy real time cooking 

These cooking games are so flawlessly made that you won’t even feel like you’re playing a game. Rather you’d feel like you’re in your own kitchen. Scroll below and check these delicious and craving igniting cooking games out.

1. Hungry Hearts Diner

Hungry Hearts Diner

The Hungry Hearts Diner is another fantastic game which is available on Android and iOS devices too. It is a nice game where people come to your dinner table and you need to serve them food when they order any. The best part is the cutie granny who is the protagonist of this lovely and warm game.

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2. Bear’s Restaurant

Bear's Restaurant

The Bear’s Restaurant is an adventurous game and it’s available on both iOS and Android. It has a great story and you’ll definitely fall in love with it. The entire game’s feel and the vibe is so beautiful and charming that you’ll be happy to play it. It’s a game which is definitely worth your time. And I’ll let you discover the story for yourself.

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3. Too Many Cooks

Too Many Cooks

The Too Many Cooks cooking game is a multiplayer Android game. It is just like it’s name suggests. With a limited space, there are too many cooks who’re trying to do their best. It is quite a busy and chaotic kind of game which will keep you up on your toes all the time. And you have to cook all the dishes as quickly as you can.

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4. Food Truck Pup: Cooking Chef

Food Truck Pup: Cooking Chef

The Food Truck Pup: Cooking Chef is a simulation genre cooking game for both Android and ios users. You’ll be playing as a super cute Shiba Inu puppy with his own food truck. You can do everything which every chef and cooking professional does. From collecting ingredients to cooking and hiring people, it has all you need.

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5. Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

The Good Pizza, Great Pizza is just as fabulous as its name. And the game is sure to make you crave some good and delicious pizzas. It is available on both Android and ios devices. You’ll be managing a super awesome pizzeria with the aim to be the best in the city. You have your rivals as well.

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6. SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off

SpongeBob: Cooking Fever

The SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off is another simulation genre game which is developed by Tilting Point and both Android and iOS users can play it. And it is the best game out there for all the SpongeBob lovers. The challenges increase as you make progress in the game. And it’s a great one to play all day.

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7. Cook To The Beat

Cook To The Beat

The Cook To The Beat is available in both Android and iOS devices and is a very musical kind of came. It is totally rhythm based. Even though it sounds very decent, it is still very smooth and exciting to play all the time. You have to cook numerous dishes to the beat. And the challenge level increases with every progress you make.

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8. Cooking Simulator Mobile game

Cooking Simulator Mobile game

The Cooking Simulator Mobile game is exactly what you can expect from its name. And this too allows both iOS and Android users to play. This 3d game gives you a master chef who’ll teach you a lot of cooking tidbits. You can cook whichever dish you want and design your kitchen creatively.

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9. Cooking Craze

Cooking Craze

The Cooking Craze is a great cooking game app and it’s available both on Android and iOS devices. It has a countertop space right in front of you which you can use to prepare different types of dishes for all the customers which come to your shop. The best part is the wide variety of dishes from different nations.

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10. Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook!

Cooking Mama: Let's Cook!

The Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook! Is a super cute game which both iOS and Android users can play. It has a very casual sort of theme and feel to it. You’ve to deal with a strict mom from whom you’ll be learning all the secrets to a better cooking experience. The best part is you can open your own farm, restaurant, and much more.

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Take your love towards cooking to a new level

With these cute and lovely cooking games, how can you ever feel away from your favorite hobby! All of these games are so well made. Note that I’ve arranged all in a random manner. And the numbers are for representation purposes only. So feel free to choose yours. Happy cooking.

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