How to Unlock all Companions in the Outer Worlds?

The game “outerworlds”, is an action role play game made specially by Obsidian Entertainment and distributed by Private Division. This game was delivered for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows in October 2019, with a Nintendo Switch rendition delivered in June 2020. 

The game is the perfect combination of every role a player wants. As it was delivered by Nintendo in 2020 therefore it is a popular game for the gaming people. It’s perfect for passing time in this pandemic. It is a first person perspective game with all the features and updated versions.

When you start playing the game, you get an option to make your character by your own choice and open a boat which actually goes about as the games focal center space but there is one drawback that the character can’t control the boat legitimately. Furthermore it can fill an as a quick travel highlight which goes as the player moves and fills the empty space. The player also gets an option where instead of making their own players they can choose a character in the role of a friend which are in their own way unique in their skills and stories. When the player is moving forward they act as a role model or a guide who directs them in all the battles. While you choose these characters and judge their abilities and get impressed by more than 1 companion in that case you can also raise two of them.
Let’s know more about them.


Who are “COMPANIONS” in the Outer World?

Basically what we can make out is companions are NPCs who can join you group on The Unreliable and can be used for playing and helping you out in your adventures. You can always have six individuals piled up with you but only two of them can travel with you in order to guide and help you through.
Each of them have their own skill set and are capable of different extraordinary things on which you can judge and choose the right one for yourself. Having these companions to go with you will enable you to work easily and efficiently and will improve their details in the game. They can assist you in the battleground, giving necessary information in the troublesome wars. All these companions have their own unique story that you can listen to in the time of boredom and you can assist them with ways to help. 

How does the Companion system work in the outer worlds?

Being a gamer you might connect with different games and sometimes also witness some similarities keeping this in mind you will surely find this game like Mass Effect-2. Here you will encounter six companions who will guide you, listen to you, also they will engage you sharing their life stories and will never leave your way.

  • You get a choice to either take two companions with you or leave without anyone for your journey. 
  • You have to keep doing your missions in order to make the companions a part of your game. 
  • All the companions will have their armor and weapons ready but in case you want to make them strong you can upgrade them. 




Where to find Parvati?

where to find parvati

We can find her at Reed Tompson’s office in Edgewater. She will be talking to Vicar Max for some guidance.

How to recruit Parvati?

You can recruit her by lending her the power regulator or by knowing about her mother during the Stranger quest in the Strange Land.


  • Drinking Sapphire Wine: Which will be released upon arriving at Groundbreaker, if she is on your team.
  • Don’t Bite the Sun: Depending on the previous mission, it will also be available for you.


  • Parvati can slam down her hammer creating a blast wave 
  • She can knock the target to the ground, rendering them unconscious for a few seconds.
  • Stuns the target, leaving them unable to react for a short time.



Where to find him?


He will be at Edgewater’s church, behind the bench..

How to recruit him?

When you meet Vicar, he will tell you about his interests in getting a book that has been forbidden by the board. You can complete The Illustrated Manual quest to impress him.


The Empty Man: to start his mission, just talk to him anytime after he joins your crew.


Trickshot. After firing, Max can analyze one of his enemies and fire a really strong shot upon him.


  • Hacking Bonus: You’ll receive a 10 points bonus in Hacking.
  • Sermon: It’ll increase the effects of combat dialogues by 20%.
  • Mad Max: Max will increase the damage of Scientific Weapons by 20%.
  • Tuned In: All drugs will have their effect amplified by 50%.



Where to find her?


Ellie can be found on GroundBreaker, in the main hall at the left side in the clinic.

How to recruit?

Talk to Ellie and you will receive the mission: Worst Contact.


Low Crusade. To access her mission you will need to take Ellie to Byzantium when you get there and talk to her to start the quest.


Quick Draw: When executing Quick Draw, Ellie will pull out her weapon and fire several quick shots at opponents around her.


  • Medical Bonus: You will receive a 10 point bonus on your medical skill.
  • First Reply: Your inhaler will heal 20% more.
  • CPR: if you receive damage which is life costing, she will instantly heal 25% of your life.
  • Beyond The Grave: All bribery costs are reduced by 50%.



Where to find?


Felix will be near the staircase at the entrance or leaning on a large ship in the Groundbreaker.

How to recruit?

Talking to him and supporting him would impress him and as soon as he finishes the conversation he will ask to be part of your team. 


Friendship’s due: You will need to take him for a minimum time in your team. After some time he’ll tell you that he wants to talk about a subject, which will trigger this quest.


Dropkick: He does a strong kick and knocks his opponent down.


  • Persuasion Bonus: Increases your persuasion ability by 10 points.
  • Bootlickers: He will deal 20% more damage to frightened opponents.
  • Self Governed: Everyone will deal 50% more real damage to the Military. 



Where to find her?


You’ll find her at the local Yacht Club Bar, in Stellar Bay on Planet Monarch.

How to recruit?

Passion Pills. After completing the mission she may be part of your team.


After you leave Monarch, she will initiate her quest: Star-Crossed Troopers.


Barrage: which uses a modified machine gun to blow up the opponents.


  • Lies Bonus: Nyoka will increase your Lying ability by 10 points.
  • Hunter: Nyoka will reduce the sounds of your steps and your team by 20%.
  • Exterminator: Nyoka will deal 20% more damage to wild creatures.
  • The Crew: Nyoka will increase the chance of critical damage by 10%.

7. SAM


Where to find?


SAM will be on the top floor of Unreliable, your ship.

How to recruit?

Interact with SAM and you will receive a mission, “The Cleaning Machine”.


SAM has no missions after recruiting him.


Decontaminate ability: which makes him jump at his opponents then squirts acids and poisons which can help you make them blind for sometime.


  • Intimidation Bonus: SAM will increase your Intimidation ability by 10 points.
  • Cleaner: Killing while SAM is on your team will have a 20% less negative impact on your image.
  • Bad Samaritan: SAM will deal + 20% damage to other robots.
  • Clean Sweep: All negative effects will be -25% times.

How to remove a companion from the crew?

After talking about the companions and their abilities we know that everyone is capable of some of the other things in a unique form but what if someone annoys you or doesn’t react the way you want them to in that case you can also remove the companion from your crew.
Following are the ways which can be tried out:

  • Firstly you can ask the companion to leave. In order to do this, talk to them and after a while tell them to leave. The companion will get rebellious and can start arguing, if you clicked the right button, but if you want them to leave, continue with the conversation till the time they agree with you. 
  • Secondly you can make a decision that goes against them. Each companion has their own morals, with some being more natural and comfy with unethical decision making than others, and there might be a chance that they get offended and leave voluntarily. Companions may also be aligned to a specific rationale. 

Lastly you can remove a companion from your party if you are at the highest level of difficulty that is Supernova. In that case if a companion runs out of health, they will be unable to serve you until you return to The Unreliable. However, if a companion runs out of health, they will be permanently dead if you are on the highest level.


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