How to Watch Movies Online for free?

The trend of watching movies online is rapidly rising all across the world. Watching movies online is kind of a no-nonsense thing. It saves you a lot of money and time. We just need a computer, good earphone and good speed internet connection to watch our favorite movies online. Even movie streaming websites are charging subscription fees. But certainly, they are the best deal as you can watch as many movies as you want if you pay a subscription fee. However, if you are not comfortable to pay the subscription fees to websites like Netflix or Hulu and still want to watch the movies online, don’t worry as there are some options available for you too. Also check out free movie sites no account needed.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one of the popular movie streaming websites which provides some of the best commercial movies for free. Of course, they’ll show you some commercials while you are watching the movies. Tubi TV has got an excellent content from the legendary studios like Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM etc. There are around 50,000 movies on Tubi TV. Use the filters on their website to find the best movies. There are many popular movies like The Usual Suspects, Paranormal Activity etc. Its interface is user-friendly and offers you a good movie watching experience.

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Crackle is kind of a premium movie streaming website which is safe and legal. It’s owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Crackle does not charge you any subscription fees. It’s completely free. It has got many movies in its catalogue. It’s been running for ten years on the advertisement running model. They don’t mess up the movies with infinite advertisements. So, don’t worry to check out your favourite movies at

Internet Archive

Not all the public domain movies are boring. There are many gold mines in the open public domain movies. You can watch the best public domain feature-length movies on Internet Archive. The best thing is it is free and you need not even register to watch the movies. If you are a lover of the old black and white movies, Internet Archive is an excellent option for you. There are many folk movies and other classical videos on this website.


Many people do not know there are many movies on YouTube which you can watch for free. YouTube is not just a site for video clips. It has got tons of feature-length movies. Apart from the movies for which you need to pay a certain fee, there are some free movies in a number of languages. Of course, you don’t find the movies which are running in the theatres on YouTube. But still, it hosts some of the best public domain movies. If you are not interested in this old stuff then you can register for YouTube Red which is paid service. YouTube hosts some of the classics like Citizen Kane, Charlie Chaplin movies etc. It’s almost like Internet Archive and provides a great movie watching experience which we all know.

Lots of websites online advertise that you can watch the movies for free on their platforms. But most of them are a bunch of crap. They waste your time by asking you to fill up the surveys. Some sites spam up your mailbox. Moreover, there are some illegal websites which spread viruses which can cause potential harm or information stealing. So be careful when you are trying to watch the movies from unknown sources or websites. We recommend you to watch movies online from the above websites as they are proved to be genuine. We hope you find some of your favorite movies in the aboe websites.

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