HUSHED – Second Phone Number Premium MOD APK

Hushed is an app available on the Google Play store that is quite unique and allows users to use multiple phone numbers even with just one mobile device and even a single SIM card. Hushed is a fairly large application and has over 7 million downloads.

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Hushed – Second Phone Number Premium MOD Apk Features

This application provides the user with the ability to bind multiple private phone numbers with their respective android device. Using the Hushed app, phone calls and even text messages can be made to anyone regardless of either of the user’s location.  

Hushed is mainly meant for users who wish to remain private. Whilst making a phone call or sending a text message using the app, your actual phone number is hidden, and a disposable number is issued. This disposable number is also known as a ‘Hushed’ number. It is a witty word play. 

You have access to numbers from over 60 countries some of which are US, UK, Spain, Canada Mexico, France, Greece, Estonia and many more. Hushed is user-friendly, safe and secure. The user’s actual phone number is never revealed and definitely cannot be traced back to real number. This disposable or Hushed number is like a mask. This mask keeps you anonymous. This application is great for keeping the business and personal life separate. Your Hushed number can even be shared with other users without revealing your actual number. 

You can make voice calls, send text messages and video messages that are all incorporated with end-to-end encryption. There is a feature known as Hushed Messenger within which you can create group chats and have conversations with multiple users. Again, these are all encrypted and private. To add to the privacy there is PIN lock feature so that no user can ever again access to your activity within the app. All messages and images that are sent or received are automatically removed. The PINs that user come up with can be disposed of as well after completing whatever it is they had to do. 

There are several subscription packages that come with it. The first disposable number that you acquire is free after which you have to pay. The packages are: 7 days, 30 days, 90 days and 365 days

All these subscription plans are pre-paid and get charged to your google account. The plans are pretty flexible. 

Then you have a Pay-As-You-Go 30 Day International Package available as well. So, depending on your lifestyle you can choose a package accordingly. In addition to that, there are no roaming charges. 

The issue with having more than one device or one SIM is that you have to keep track of everything and make sure everything is organized. That’s where Hushed comes in. You’ll have all your number and contacts organized beautifully within a single place. If you’re who gets involved in a lot of networking, then this application will definitely make life easier. 

There are other basic mobile device features like call forwarding, automatic message replies, call routing, recording your own voice mails and so much more. If you’re with work or some sort of errand do not want to be disturbed, then you can set the application to stealth mode that causes the application to send all of your incoming calls directly to voicemail. 

Hushed might sound like a sketchy app but it actually isn’t. There are a lot of day-to-day tasks that can carried out using the app. 

-Let’s say you put out an ad to sell something on a website, and you get calls from potential one-time customers, you obviously wouldn’t want that person to have you number. This is where a disposable number comes in handy. 

-Suppose you’re on a dating app or a website it might be quite uncomfortable giving out your real number to a stranger you’ve never met before. 

-What if you’ve applied for jobs online, and you aren’t comfortable with leaving your phone number out there, you can dedicate a Hushed number just for this. 

These are just a few of many applications for Hushed. 

Steps to download Hushed Premium MOD APK with Download link

TitleHushed Second Phone Number

Steps to follow:

  • Click download and wait for Hushed Mod.apk to download.
  • This downloaded file can be saved on either your phone’s memory or your SD card.
  • Install the APK file in your device by allowing Unknown Application Permission first.

Download Hushed MOD Apk

User Reviews

This extra number is exactly what I needed it to be. It rings differently when a call comes in with this number vs when a call comes in through my cell provider number. My cell number has been compromised by marketers and spammers, so I can’t even have my ringer turned on. This number will ring, and I know I can answer it, because it’s not a compromised number. Wonderful. Thanks Hushed crew, for this number and your service. Awesome, easy fix to my phone dilemma. 📱

Great app. Simple… ZERO problems👍 5⭐ 7/01/20: “CALL ROUTING” is FAILING …3⭐ Manager says: “I have taken a look at this with our team and we determined there are no issues in terms of calling on our end. Our team believes it could be related to both providers communicating from VoIP to landline However there’s no fix that can be placed for an issue that doesn’t occur in our system for calling. Our test calls for the service have shown us complete functionality.” FAILED. 10/01/20 approx: Tech support and their company worked HARD to FIX any failures I was having. I mean REALLY HARD w/ Excellent results. I’ll save details but – IMPRESSIVE. Kudos to them.

Haven’t been able to check voicemail or answer inbound calls for weeks now. When you open the app, it has a popup message telling you to enable call forwarding in order for your number to work. I could understand if it was down for a few hours, maybe even days. But how this has been down for weeks with no resolution is inexcusable

I had this service for about a year or so and it was good from the beginning, then things got bad. I made the mistake of using this application to run my business and all of my customers couldn’t contact me. It was embarrassing and to avoid this issue, I had to get a new line added to my phone and go that route. Messed up part is that customer service didn’t care about me. They offered a one year free and when it came to sign up, wasn’t available. Avoid this app and save yourself trouble.

I’ve only had the app for less than an hour, but I love it because it’s the first virtual number app that allows me to receive short codes from my banks. Can’t text back short code numbers though unless you have the international plan I assume. So far, this is perfect for my needs. I travel outside the US full-time and my US carrier canceled my plan. I buy local sims where I travel, but need a US number that accepts short codes I receive from institutions like my banks

I don’t get good cell service where I am and I needed a VOIP number. I didn’t use the international features. There seem to be more US numbers than other VOIP apps I’ve had, great clarity, and no dropped calls. Normal texting, without delays. VoIP doesn’t work for 2FA, it’s VoIP, not the app. Separate contacts from phone is a great feature. My fav VOIP app and I wish I could have stayed with Hushed, but had to switch apps due to calling issues (fixed soon, maybe?).

I had this app for some time and suddenly it stopped servicing my number, I tried to port it out to another provider at a crucial time but the support is useless, Someone called Rahma keeps saying you can port out, but other provider tried twice to port it out and hushed refused, now my number is being taken hostage by this company and my business is suffering as a result, shameless , now I am thinking of taking them to small claims court and please stop partonizing me by saying please reach out to support, that’s exactly what I have done for past 7 days and no luck, my number has been locked in with you with no way of releasing it and no way of receiving/making calls on it either.

I am very pleased and certainly appreciative of the introductory offer. This app did exactly what it said it could/would do and more in regards to allowing and not limiting amount of characters within a single text message. Most other apps limit it to 140-160 but Hushed allowed much much more than that. I’m not certain because I didn’t count it but I’ll guess 500-700. I had a problem and Hushed enabled to rectify it. Thank you Hushed.

After trying literally every single other app this is my go to and only second line app. Worth the dollars no doubt. Thanks y’all who created and worked to make this app exist… Mad props n clout.

Always works. I rather use hushed instead of my cell phone carrier. If you need extra phone lines. Go with these guys!


So if you’re a person with a busy lifestyle and always has to get in touch with people or a person who wants to get rid of items by posting ads for them online or a person who likes to explore new apps then don’t waste a single minute. Download and install apk and get your Hushed number now.


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