Best Slow motion Video Android Apps for 2021

Slow motion video apo

Hello Techholicians, As you know there are best Flagship phones which is actually made to create Slow motion videos , as you know, if you check out Apple IPhones, using these phones you can create stunning Slow motion Videos, without any Distortions, So these phones were specifically designed for creating slow motion videos. Now the … Read more

5 Best Podcast Applications in 2020 (Android & iOS)

5 Best Podcast Applications in 2020 (Android & iOS) 4

Do you know if the current trend of podcasts is increasing among young Indians. Usually, you listen to podcasts with audio formats at a glance like the radio. But the difference is that you can choose the topics according to your preferences and you can listen without having to set the program. Now, for those … Read more

Best Android Apps for Downloading Videos and Photos on Instagram


Instagram is one of the most popular social networks  which has millions of downloads in Playstore. Instagram allows users to share photos and videos for entertainment, tutorials or messages which connects millions of people. However, Instagram does not provide functionality to download videos or photos of someone else’s downloads. This time, Techholicz will provide five … Read more

Best Android VPN Applications & Anti-Blocking Apps 2020

Best Android VPN Applications & Anti-Blocking Apps 2020 6

Techholicz says there are still some useful websites that have even been blocked, such as Reddit. But be careful, you can still easily access this blocked page. To solve your problem, Techholicz will review a number of recommendations for the best VPN and anti-blocking applications you can use for Android smartphones Best Recommendations for Android … Read more

Best Voice Changer Applications for Android & PC 2020

Best Voice Changer apps for Android and PC

Have you ever thought of cheating on your friends? One of them is making fake sounds to fool your friends. Equipped with an Android phone or PC, you can use one of the best voice change applications that can be used when talking in real-time. Are you curious about the recommendations of the application? Don’t … Read more

4 Best Android Launchers in 2020 (Updated)

4 Best Android Launchers in 2020 (Updated) 8

Customization is the name of the game when it comes to the android operating system. Android, compared to other mobile operating systems give you a ton of customizability within the native settings option. The options like system UI tuner and developer options are some of the most notable and differentiating factors of android from other … Read more