Samsung Designed Smart T-shirts which Can Detect Lung Problems

Smart devices are not just for cell phones or laptops. Rumors say that technology companies like Google are offering smart jacket technology.

In the future, it will not be impossible for smart technology to wear the clothes that the user can use. That’s what Samsung does.

smart tshirt 2

The South Korean company sees technological opportunities that can be put on the shirts. The last one, as TechRadar announced on Thursday (01/31/2019), presents a patented shirt that is integrated with lung disease detection technologies.

This technology allows users to know the status or activity of their lungs. This patent was found by LetsGoDigital and was described as a T-shirt that continuously monitors human lung activity based on sound.

smart tshirt 3

After monitoring, the device sends relevant data and suggestions to the smartphone application.

In theory, you can detect a variety of diseases, such as bronchitis and pneumonia, and remind you that, for example, you have an asthma attack right away.

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